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Is There a Squirrel in My Car? Redditors Share Infuriating Moments from Every Day Life

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You know when your plastic fork breaks? You know when you get back from the store and realize there was one more thing you forgot to buy? You know when you asked for no mayo, but instead you got extra mayo? Life is full of infuriating moments.

The good news is, you’re not alone; the "Mildly Infuriating" subreddit is full of them. Here are 10 of the best ones we found recently.

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This Last-Minute Booking Change

Vacation rental scams have gotten absolutely out of control — check out this poor sap, who had their vacation all booked until the owner smelled dollar signs.

Rusting Water Bottles

It’s bound to happen when you’re dealing with metal and water over and over again, so dry yours off real well when it’s not being used. Can’t imagine that rust is doing any favors to the flavor.

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This Unexpected Passenger

Bad call, bub. That’s not where you want to live.

People Who Set Their Children Up for a Lifetime of Teasing

I know that my name is Wilder and I probably shouldn’t be making fun of anybody’s name, but give me a break. Paxxtynn? A general rule of thumb for names, I think, is that they shouldn’t have two Xs right next to each other. Krit sounds like a fantasy creature.

A Well-Placed Package

This feels like something I would do to my idiot friends in order to make them mad. It’s the perfect crime. Maybe that’s what’s going on here?

Rogue Blueberries

I’m not sure we can assign blame to anything besides user error here. I would never reach into my freezer and be like, “Oh, cool, blueberry muffins,” if that’s not something I buy. Let’s use our eyes, gang.

Parking Entitlement

Nothing gets my blood boiling more than this BS. We should all carry Post-Its on us and slap some on people’s cars when they park like d-heads. I’d just write: “You know what you did.”

This View-Blocking Hat

It is my firm belief that if somebody sits in front of you with a hat this big, it’s your right to take it and frisbee it as far ahead of you as you possibly can. Think of it like a game; if you can get it to land on the trombone, that’s five points. It’s just horseshoes, really.

Self Checkout Kiosks That Ask for Tips

Tipping at a self-checkout kiosk feels like paying for a delivery fee at a restaurant and then picking your food up yourself. There’s no doubt that IKEA isn’t paying its employees as much as they should, but is that the job of us, the consumers, to solve? It’s not.

This Turkey With a Bonus Pallet

Really gives a new meaning to wood-smoked turkey, this one. I would throw this directly back at the person who delivered it to me, if I could.

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