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TikTokkers Are Teaching Their Pets To Talk With This Simple Gadget

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Apart from barking, whining, and the occasional howl, even the smartest dogs can only communicate so much. But thanks to recent breakthroughs in alternative and augmentative communication (A.A.C.) devices, pet owners across TikTok have successfully taught their dogs and cats to ask for kibble and say I love you.

To be clear, these gadgets aren’t turning pet owners into Dr. Doolittle. Rather, cats and dogs are communicating via animal soundboards comprised of circular buttons that dictate simple, pre-recorded words when pressed.

Bunny, a 2-year-old Sheepadoodle who knows upwards of 92 words, is the poster child of one of the most popular A.A.C. devices, FluentPet. In one popular video, Bunny strings together the words “ouch,” “stranger,” and “paw,” to communicate that she has a foxtail stuck between her toes.

“I felt between her paws and found a thorn in there,” Bunny's owner and FluentPet co-founder Alexis Devine told the New York Times.

“Anytime she chooses to communicate with me in a way that is not her natural communicative method, it feels really special. If she’s going out of her way because she trusts me and wants to engage, then I just know that she loves me.”

@whataboutbunny Check your doggy’s paws if you live in an area with foxtail #ouchie #talkingdog #cutedog #communication #doggyanthem ♬ original sound - I am Bunny

While Bunny is a TikTok sensation on her own — she has 8.2 million followers and was featured in Forbes — other pets have followed suit as products like FluentPet gain popularity.

Jasper, a blind cat featured on the account @pawsitivebehaviors, is able to ask for “kibble" and “pets” around 18 months after being introduced to FluentPet's system.

FluentPet tells TechCrunch that dogs learn nine words on average, with most getting two buttons within just a month.

The company is also adding a new feature in 2023: app connectivity. FluentPet Connect, just launched at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), now sends push notifications to a proprietary app so that your animal can communicate with you across the house … or the globe.

The new app-enabled system is open for pre-orders and starts at $160, which buys six buttons, three tiles, a battery-powered base, and a speaker. Hunger for Words, a FluentPet competitor, offers a more budget friendly (and basic) starter set for just $25.

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