Sleep Experts Dish On the Best Products To Help You Sleep


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Clocking a restful night's sleep is essential for giving yourself a winning chance to seize the day. Thankfully, there are plenty of products that can help optimize your sleep schedule and hack your way into becoming the most rested version of yourself. 

Read on for a look at useful sleep products you can add to your arsenal to ensure you get your best night of sleep yet

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MZOO Sleep Eye Mask

$17 from Amazon

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If you’ve found yourself at a crossroads when it comes to experimenting with a sleep mask to hack your way to a better night of sleep, just take it from sleep expert Janet Kennedy, who has some encouraging words about the effectiveness of sleep masks.

“Darkness promotes deeper, good-quality sleep," says Kennedy. "When the sky gets lighter, it signals to the body that it’s time to start waking up. Sleep masks are also helpful when sharing a bed with a partner who has a different sleep schedule or likes to read in bed,” says Kennedy. 

You want to give your body every chance that it has at properly unwinding, and you can do this easily through ensuring that the “nighttime” alert is adequately sent to your body. Plus, the molded eye cups on this particular eye mask are great at alleviating pressure that can build up on your eyelids. 

Two pillows on white background

Casper Sleep Foam Pillow

$125 from Casper

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The Casper Sleep Foam Pillow is the best pick for side sleepers. The firmness of this foam pillow works wonders for helping you keep your spine straight as you sleep. If you’ve been troubled by waking up on a consistent basis with pain in your neck and/or tight shoulders then this pillow is for you. The last thing anyone wants to deal with upon waking is added soreness that’s totally avoidable, and all before the day has even gotten underway.


Canopy Humidifier

$125 from Canopy

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Humidifiers are a bit of a sleeper hit when it comes to being an unanticipated product that can massively help you elevate your sleeping routine. Plus, certain humidifiers like this one from Canopy are built with a diffuser option that allows for your to experiment with whatever essential oils suit your fancy. For instance, you could give lavender essential oil a shot, as it’s been shown to possess calming properties that can help encourage restful nights of sleep. You should also note that sleep experts have shared that the optimal humidity level inside of a bedroom is anywhere between 30-50%. 


Gravity Weighted Blanket

$163 from Amazon

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If you're someone who has struggled at all with restless legs and general anxiety when it's bedtime, then a weighted blanket could be the game-changer that you've been needing. 

You should also note that to enjoy the full range of benefits provided by a weighted blanket, you'll need to purchase a weighted blanket that accounts for at least 10% of your body weight. However, if your options are limited you can still safely aim for anywhere between 5% and 12%. Also, don't overlook the particular kind of filling in the weighted blanket. Some weighted blankets are filled with plastic poly pellets which are usually less expensive and warmer, while others are filled with micro glass beads which can tend to be heavier and pricier. 

Lastly, it's particularly fascinating to note that a more recent study that came out of Sweden has potentially linked the use of weighted blankets by both children and adults to account for an increase in melatonin production. Should this in fact be the case, it's exciting to imagine a world where folks have the option to opt for a weighted blanket to boost melatonin levels in their bodies as opposed to taking melatonin capsules, which can lead to many a groggy morning. 


Yogasleep Dohm Classic

$48 from Amazon

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If you live in a city you’ll have an intimate understanding and strong dislike for the chaotic noises that can erupt at a moment’s notice on any given night. Thus, finding a way to counteract those noises is key. Thankfully, a white noise machine like this one from Yogasleep can help you easily lull yourself into a deep slumber without having to block out whatever kind of urban cacophonies are disturbing the peace outside your bedroom window. You don’t even need to live in a city to appreciate a white noise machine. Sometimes, just having the option of filling your room with a relaxing noise is enough. 


BGment Blackout Curtains

$16 from Amazon

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Blackout curtains are truly clutch for anyone who is invested in making their cozy cave as dark as possible, and especially committed to not being woken up by an early morning light. These specific blackout curtains are made with special grommets at the top of the curtains, which allow for you to easily slide the curtains when you need to. And what’s more is that they’re sold at a very agreeable price point. 

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