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Though it isn't a feature of the Apple Watch yet, the tech company is getting closer to offering noninvasive and continuous blood glucose monitoring through its smartwatch. which would be a boon to diabetics who need to watch their blood sugar. Right now Apple watch wearers with diabetes can see their blood sugar results from a wearable device using an app.

@skingrip Want to see your blood sugar readings on your Apple watch? We’ve got you! Step 1: Add the Dexcom App Step 2: Go to Face Gallery Step 3: Select Modular option Step 4: Select Preferred Location Step 5: Select Dexcom App Step 6: Click “Add” #applehack #dexcomhack #dexcomg6 #type1diabetes #type2diabetes #bloodsugarhacks #continuousglucosemonitor #diabetesmanagement ♬ Neon Bass - Tangelene Bolton

The system being tested uses lasers to shine specific wavelengths of light into an area below the skin, then reflect that light back to the sensor. Apple also wants to create a preventative measure that warns users if they’re prediabetic.

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But Don't rush to the Apple store quite yet. Though the feature has been through human trials, Apple says it's still in the proof-of-concept phase and years of work lie ahead. But given that Apple has already invested heavily in the project, odds are good it will eventually make it to market.

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