7 Super Bowl Snacks That Won’t Break the Bank, According to Redditors

Buffalo chicken dip with chips


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Buffalo chicken dip with chips

Football Feast

While it may feel like you have to take out a second mortgage to throw a Super Bowl party this year — football deviled eggs are definitely off the menu — game day finger foods don’t have to be fancy, expensive, or time consuming. To take the guesswork out of your prep, we’ve compiled a list of Redditors’ favorite Super Bowl game day foods, besides the obvious pricey appetizers like pigs in a blanket and chicken wings. Here are the seven best easy snacks for the Super Bowl.

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Close-up of a homemade Cuban sandwich on a wooden board

Cuban Sandwiches

The Cubano is a sandwich that packs a punch thanks to its medley of meats, crunchy pickles, spicy mustard, and fluffy Cuban bread. Chef John’s version comes together in just 25 minutes with several easy-to-find ingredients. “My husband is ridiculously excited about making Cuban sandwiches,” one Redditor writes.

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vegetarian mushroom meatballs
Buffalo chicken dip with chips

Buffalo Wing Dip

Forget buffalo chicken wings, which can cost an arm and a leg. Instead, take advantage of Costco’s cheap rotisserie chicken and make a buffalo wing dip. One Redditor says you can feed a party of 10 to 15 guests for just $15, including tortilla chips.

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Kettle Cooked Potato Chip Nachos

Nacho Bar

The biggest hack for an easy spread is to have your guests make their own Super Bowl appetizers. “Set out all the ingredients salad-bar style, let people mix their own, stick each plate in the air fryer oven long enough to melt the cheese,” one comment reads.

Chili Cheese Dip

Rotel Dip

For a quintessential game day snack, whip up this easy, three-ingredient cheese dip — a combination of Rotel, velveeta cheese, and ground beef. At just over a buck a can, you can’t get much cheaper than Rotel, and provided you find a deal on beef, the entire dip should be well within even the tightest budgets.

Homemade reuben dip with corned beef

Reuben Dip

Again, one reliable way to save money is to transform every appetizer, sandwich, or main course into a dip. This deconstructed Reuben sandwich dip —  it’s got corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and a few other artery-clogging ingredients — “disappears” at every Super Bowl, according to one Redditor.

Quesadilla with sauces


With just two ingredients, a cheese quesadilla bar is sure to be easy on your wallet. One commenter suggests picking up a set of bulk tortillas from Sam’s Club to really stretch your dollar.