Beer and Wings


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Whether you watch for the amazing plays, the halftime show, or the commercials, the real star of Super Bowl Sunday in many households isn't the game, it's the snacks.

As grocery prices have continued to soar — up an average 11.8% from last year — you might be sweating planning your Super Bowl spread for fear of draining your bank account. But you can kick anxiety out the door and embrace gluttony because several Super Bowl staples are still affordable this year, according to a report from Wells Fargo shared with CNN.

Though egg prices remain astronomical, the cost of chicken wings has fallen to a reasonable $2.65 a pound, 22% less than last year, according to government figures. Grab an assortment of sauces from sweet chili to Buffalo and make chicken wings the main attraction of your Super Bowl feast — just don't forget to stock up on wet wipes.

Of course, no snack spread is complete without a dip, and conveniently, avocados are a whopping 20% less than last year, so guac is the way to go if you're looking to save. 

If you want to serve up more than just chicken wings, shrimp, bacon, and sirloin steak are also down in price just in time for the big game.

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Of course, prices on some go-to snack foods have gone way up. A bag of 16-ounce chips costs an average $6.28, which is a 22% jump from last year. You'll need tortilla chips to scoop your guacamole with, so if you spot a sale, you might want to grab a couple of bags. Or make your own. All you need is a few tortillas, salt, and oil. 

The biggest inflation-driven gut punch comes from the 11% jump in beer prices, while wine is up 4% and spirits have climbed 2%. After dry January, we can't imagine football fans are eager to drink tap water just to save money, but hey, save money by eating wings so you can splurge on your favorite brew. We won't judge.

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