Homegrown Weed and Zelda: Redditors Who Embrace 'Simple Living' Share How They Unwind After Work

Pensive relaxed African american woman reading a book at home, drinking coffee sitting on the couch. Copy space.

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Pensive relaxed African american woman reading a book at home, drinking coffee sitting on the couch. Copy space.
Daniel de la Hoz/istockphoto

Relax and Unwind

Not everyone has the cash, the time, or even the desire to end the workday with a Pelaton session, a glass of fine wine, and expensive takeout. But as a recent thread on r/SimpleLiving demonstrates, you don’t need a lot to practice self-care and unwind after an exhausting day at work. Here are nine easy and affordable ways to destress and decompress at the end of your day.

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Go for a Walk

“The more stressful my day, the longer I walk,” the thread’s top comment reads. It’s telling that some of history’s greatest philosophers were avid walkers, too. In “A Philosophy of Walking,” Frederic Gros writes, “When there is really nothing left to do or believe, except to remember, walking helps retrieve the absolute simplicity of presence, beyond all hope, before any expectation.” Walking also has proven mental health benefits. According to the American Psychological Association, 2.5 hours of brisk walking every week is associated with a 25% decrease in depression among adults.

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Take on Simple Tasks

Mindless chores, like watering houseplants or vacuuming, can also be meditative, Redditors say. The key is to engage in low-effort tasks that have a “clear beginning and end.” 

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Play Video Games

When you think of video games, you might imagine popular shooters like Call of Duty or hyper-competitive titles like League of Legends. But video games don’t have to be brutish and stressful. Just put on something like Zelda or Minecraft and melt into their peaceful, open worlds.

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Enjoy a Drink Outside

Assuming the weather is fine and you’ve got access to a relaxing, outdoor area, few things are better than enjoying a post-work beer in the sun. One Redditor (who clearly knows how to live) writes, “Every day after work (my wife and I) would go up to the roof, split a liter bottle of beer, and watch the clouds float past the mountains and the birds fly over the city.”

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Chill in a Sauna

If you’re looking for cheap, simple ways to decompress, odds are you’re not going to have an in-house sauna. But some low-cost gyms have public saunas that, as the Finns know, are the perfect way to relax after a long day. Pair it with a workout and a shower, and you’ll feel like a new person.

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Enjoy a Podcast

Whereas your parents or grandparents might have enjoyed a drink while listening to the radio, these days folks are pairing their after-work cocktails with podcasts. One Redditor’s relaxation ritual involves a drink and a podcast followed by hot tea and a book. “It’s a routine I have fallen in love with,” they write, adding that they recommend the “Philosophize This” podcast.

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