Bidets, Cannabis, and AAA: 10 Purchases That Are Worth Every Cent, According to Consumers

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Black woman shopping online
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Purchases Worth the Dough

With a healthy marketing budget, it seems like companies can sell anything these days. Take Dawn’s “Powerwash Spray.” As far as I can tell, the Procter & Gamble-owned company repackaged Dawn Platinum in a spray bottle and gave it a fancy name so that they could sell everyday dish soap for double the price. Here’s where I’m going with this: Apart from a few basics, a lot of products are pure B.S. And if you’re like most budget-conscious consumers, you want to get away from the “Powerwash Sprays” of the world and simplify your life with a few quality purchases. So we cut through the marketing malarkey, crowdsourcing this list of 10 purchases that are worth every cent from Redditors and our readers.

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Modern high tech toilet with electronic bidet in Thailand. japan style toilet bowl, high technology sanitary ware.

A Bidet

If you think about it, toilet paper seems, well, pretty gross, which is why more and more Redditors are using bidets. Not only do they cut down on toilet paper (good for your pocketbook and the environment), but the hands-free approach to going number two is also more sanitary, Redditors say, with one commenter writing that their “butt has never felt cleaner.”

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A Good Pillow

Assuming you live an average life and get eight hours of sleep per night (yeah, right!), you’ll spend about 26 years in bed. Given that that’s a huge chunk of time, it seems reasonable to invest in a premium pillow. “Why not splurge on such an item and get the best one you can afford? Even a good pillow won't break your bank,” one Redditor argues. (PSA: Speaking from experience, Nest Bedding’s “Easy Breather” pillow, a Wirecutter pick, is truly horrible.)

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True penny pinchers will scoff at the idea of hiring movers. Just borrow a friend’s SUV and make a dozen trips, they’ll say. But Redditors note that a reputable moving company can be well worth the extra cash. “I hired movers the last time I moved and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. They did it all, start to finish. It was the only stress free move I’ve ever had,” a top comment on Reddit reads.

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A Competent Dentist

Just over 65% of Americans visit the dentist yearly. While that’s not horrible, dentists recommend that everyone go in for a cleaning and checkup twice a year. Sure, it may be expensive, but a checkup is a whole lot cheaper than serious dental work.

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A Soft-Close Toilet Seat

It’s the little things in life that matter: a frothy cappuccino, a good book … and a soft-close toilet seat. When guests come over and use the loo, they’ll be oohing and aahing as your toilet seat slowly and silently descends.

Inspecting Cannabis Buds Before Purchase


Speaking of simple pleasures, Cheapism readers are pot proponents, with one fan writing that they “swear by” delivery cannabis. For stoners on a tight budget, Redditors recommend using a dry herb vape, which produces a byproduct that you can turn into edibles.

Testing Out Beds

A Decent Mattress

While it’s an overused saying, there’s some truth to the idea that you should invest in everything that separates you from the ground. And a mattress is no exception. One Redditor who finally invested in a mattress after sleeping on hand-me-downs for years says that they “can’t even put into words” how beneficial the investment has been. “It just changes so much about how you face the day,” they write.

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Oftentimes the most meaningful, life-changing purchases are intangible. “I live a rather boring life all year in order to go all out for a month of the year,” one Redditor writes of their vacation in Bali.

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