7 Purchases That Frugal Redditors Say Drastically Improved Their Lives

Choosing electric juicer


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Choosing electric juicer

Products Worth the Money

When it comes to frugality, saving money is only half the battle. The more difficult task is knowing when to put aside your miserliness and buy something meaningful. That's why we've compiled this list of seven purchases that budget-conscious Redditors say improved their "quality of life." Pulled from a thread of over 3,700 comments, these items received hundreds — if not thousands — of upvotes in the r/Frugal community.

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Electric kettle
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Electric Kettle

An electric kettle can do a lot more than heat up water for coffee and tea — though it's great for that, too. Redditors say they use it to speed up boiling water on the stove, blanch vegetables, and clean the kitchen with hot water. "I'm American and I love to preach the gospel of the electric kettle to people. It's truly amazing having it," one commenter writes. For a budget pick, grab this stainless steel Hamilton Beach model for $25.

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Electric toothbrush, dental and oral care concept

Electric Toothbrush

While an old fashioned manual toothbrush may get the job done, studies show that their battery-operated counterparts clean better. And no matter how much of a penny pincher you are, you shouldn't skimp on your health. "If you take care of your teeth while you are young, you will save thousands of dollars and much heartache when you are older," one Redditor writes, noting that they recommend Sonicare-brand toothbrushes.

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Spices on kitchen counter.

Spice Rack Organizer

If your growing collection of spices and seasonings is strewn across your kitchen in an unorganized mess (we're speaking from experience), then consider investing in a spice rack organizer. One commenter recommends one that attaches to your fridge, like this model from Amazon.

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Extra freezer storage for food
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Air fryer machine cooking potato fried in kitchen.  Lifestyle of new normal cooking.

Air Fryer

When air fryers saw a huge rise in popularity in 2017, it was easy to dismiss the appliances as yet another kitchen fad — akin to a bread or popcorn maker. But home chefs have continued to endorse the versatile product for its reheating and crisping skills. "Having an air fryer has made me pull so many leftovers back out of the fridge that I would have never eaten," one comment reads. Good Housekeeping named this $120 COSORI Pro the best value air fryer of 2023.

Man passes though Transportation Security Administration TSA security checkpoint at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
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Trusted Traveler Programs

Frequent flyers should look into the Department of Homeland Security's Trusted Traveler programs, which let members skip long lines at airport security. One proponent says that it's "made air travel tolerable" and enhanced their quality of life, adding that it's the best investment they've made in the past five years. One of the most popular programs, TSA PreCheck, costs $78 and includes departures from all U.S. airports.

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Identical Socks

There are few phenomena as vexing, perplexing, and widespread as the disappearance of a single sock. One solution: Just buy identical socks. Not only does it cut down on decision fatigue, but it also means you'll never have a sock orphan.