9 Memberships That Actually Save You Money, According to Redditors

Costco Wholesale


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Costco Wholesale

Money-Saving Memberships

The average American is drowning in subscriptions. In fact, more than half of people underestimate the cost of their monthly subscription bill by at least $100, according to a recent survey commissioned by C+R Research. Eliminating these small-but-pernicious fees is simple: unsubscribe. But not all memberships are useless; some can even save you money. Frugal Redditors recently shared what they think are the most worthwhile memberships, some of which will even save you money.

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Costco Executive Membership Card
Sams Club

Sam's Club

Given that Sam's Club charges just $50 for its membership, it's also worthwhile for frugal consumers who live near the Walmart-owned superstore. That said, we recommend choosing just one warehouse club membership to avoid paying two annual fees. Not yet Sam's Club member? You can sign up here.

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Public Libraries

Libraries are one of the last bastions of free, communal resources — a place where you can check out books, use the internet, and meet without having to purchase something. Given that a membership is free, signing up for a library card should be a no-brainer. Even if you aren't a reader, many libraries provide digital services like movie streaming subscriptions, music, and audiobooks.

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Walmart Plus Delivery


With its bevy of benefits, Walmart+ is one of Amazon Prime's fiercest competitors — and Redditors have taken notice. Not only do members get free delivery, but they also receive gas discounts, Paramount+, Spotify premium, and other money-saving perks. And at $98 a year, it's $41 cheaper than Amazon Prime. "Walmart grocery delivery is a life saver for me," one commenter writes. Want to sign up for Walmart+? You can apply here.

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State and National Parks

If you spend most of your free time outdoors, consider purchasing an annual state or national parks pass. For $80 (it's cheaper or free for some groups), the national parks pass grants you access to over 2,000 federal recreation areas, saving outdoorsy travelers time and money.

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Local Museums

Since some museum memberships have agreements with other institutions, buying an annual membership can pay off. One Redditor says their family saved nearly $200 on their most recent vacation, as they were able to visit three museums for free using their membership.

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While gym memberships can be pricey, it pays to invest in your health. As one Redditor points out, it keeps them "out of the doctor’s office and out of boutique exercise classes."

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AAA may seem excessive ... until you're stranded dozens of miles away from the nearest mechanic. "There will be years when I don't use AAA benefits and then there will be a night when I blow a tire, and then another tire, and have to be towed — they saved me!!" a Redditor writes. You can apply for a AAA membership here

REI Storefront at Dusk in Salem Oregon


If GORE-TEX and Vibram are in your lexicon, you should consider purchasing REI's $30 lifetime membership. Benefits include free shipping, exclusive sales, and access to REI's used-gear Re/Supply store.