From the You-Should-Have-Been-a-Social-Media-Star Files: These TikTok Videos Have Made the Most Money

TikTok Logo on a Smartphone, Being Held By a Male Teenager's Right Hand, Selective Focus

LOIC VENANCE/Contributor/Getty Images

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TikTok Logo on a Smartphone, Being Held By a Male Teenager's Right Hand, Selective Focus
LOIC VENANCE/Contributor/Getty Images

Even if you think scrolling through social media is a harmless waste of time, for content creators it can mean thousands of dollars. While TikTok doesn’t release earnings, CasinoGuardian estimated — with help from Sound Campaign's TikTok Money Calculator — what each of the 10 most-watched videos earned, and it’s no small potatoes.

Zach King's Magic Broomstick TikTik Video

This One is a Guinness World Record Holder

This video has racked up 2.2 billion views since it went up in 2019, but Harry Potter riffs never get old. King, who was previously a Vine hitmaker, takes multiple spots in the top 10 with his wholesome content.

James Charles' Welcome to the Sisters Christmas Party! TikTik Video

James Charles' Over-the-Top Christmas Party

The makeup icon invited 25 fans to his house for this lavish party, but it was earnings from his fans watching from home that probably paid for it, with the video racking up 1.7 billion views. Charles might have wanted to save the money, though, following accusations of sexual misconduct.

Zach King's The Best Hiding Spot TikTik Video

Zach King Wins With Hide and Seek

You may want to watch this more than once, and we’re guessing that repetition accounts for more than a few of the 1.1 billion views.

Zach King's The Glass Cake TikTik Video

Zach King Cuts a Glass Cake

This one required an impressively realistic cake on top of some camera trickery, and it also garnered a good number of views — 966.6 million.

Bella Poarch's M to the Bee TikTik Video

Bella Poarch Lip Syncs “M to the Bee”

Apparently it doesn’t take camera trickery or even much noticeable talent to get people to watch your videos, as this video had 750.7 million views. Why, we have no idea. However, Poarch has since signed a record deal with Warner Records, so even if she doesn’t sing here, we’re glad to know she can.

Zach King's Caution Wet Paint Video TikTik Video

Zach King Posts a Caution Wet Paint Sign

While King's fourth video on this list is funny, it’s also pretty popular. It’s been viewed over 660 million times.

Jamie Big Sorrel Horse's Say It Right - Speed Up Remix Nelly Furtado & Speed Radio TikTik Video

Jamie Big Sorrel Horse Lip Syncs “Say It Right”

Apparently there wasn’t a lot of content on TikTok at one point, as this is the only explanation for why this video got 436.6 million views. For some reason Jamie Big Sorrel Horse has snagged 7.5 million followers, too.

Neep Fam's For You Baby TikTik Video

Neep Fam Posts a Baby Video

Admittedly, this is a cute baby. Is it cute enough to get 398.5 million views? Apparently so.

Billie Eilish's TimeWarpScan TikTik Video

Billie Eilish Plays With the Time Warp Scan Filter

Okay, this isn’t the singer’s best work. It isn’t even work, just Eilish messing around with the Time Warp filter and giggling. But it was enough for TikTok viewers to watch 357.1 million times.

Khaby Lame's Wing Mirror TikTik Video

Khaby Lame Points Out the Stupidity of the Wing Mirror

The Senegalese-born, Italian-raised Lame has made a career out of wordlessly showing how overly complicated items can be replicated simply (and cheaply), and it’s paid off. He got a multiyear deal with Hugo Boss and became TikTok’s most followed creator last year.