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Picture this: You have a just-fine, A-OK Christmas tree resting in a box in your attic, waiting for you to fluff 'er up and bust out the ornaments. Heck, you might not even be an artificial tree household. Maybe you go the old-fashioned route and harness your inner lumberjack to chop down a Spruce and fill your living room with the glorious scent of the Christmas season.

Either way, you're sitting on your couch scrolling TikTok when you stumble upon that dang viral Christmas Tree from Home Depot and suddenly you have to have it. All your inhibitions fade and whatever Christmas tree plans you thought you had are about to go out the window ... along with 500 bucks.

viral home depot christmas tree from tiktok screenshotPhoto credit: elizadromgoole/TikTok

What Is the Viral Home Depot Christmas Tree?

TikTok is currently inundated with videos of the Grand Duchess Balsam Fir from Home Depot, which the store sells in both 7.5-foot and 9-foot versions. The tree's biggest draw is its built-in warm lights (2,250 of them to be exact) that feature a whimsical twinkling feature. 

Not so much of a draw is the artificial tree's sticker-shock-inducing price tag — the 7.5-foot fake fir will set you back $350 while its 9-foot sibling costs a whopping $500.

Despite its expensive disposition, the tree manages to transfer its twinkle to the eyes of TikTokers everywhere. TikTok user @elizadromgoole's video of the viral tree has a mind-blowing 9.5 million views, and there are plenty of other users with viral videos of the same tree, many with views in the millions. The influence is strong with this one, guys.

viral home depot christmas tree walmart dupe tiktok screenshotPhoto credit: brandirichelwelch/TikTok

Is There a Cheaper Alternative to Home Depot's Viral Christmas Tree?

Listen, you don't have to go broke to beat out Martha May Who's Christmas spirit, no matter how influenced TikTok makes you feel. Several savvy TikTokers have shared a similar tree found at Walmart for a more modest $189. 

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TikToker Brandi Richel Welch scored the Wally World dupe and declared that she loved the way the tree looked, and we're pretty sure her bank account loved it too. 

Commenters on the video of the Walmart version were quick to question whether the tree offered the same twinkling feature as the Duchess, and the TikToker admitted it wasn't *quite* the same, but it's still cheaper to hit up Amazon or Hobby Lobby for some twinkling light strands to add to the cheaper tree, as plenty of commenters pointed out.

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