Here's What Real Christmas Trees Cost Across the Country

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If Only They Were Money Trees

With the amount of money you're already shelling out during the holiday season, it can be heartbreaking to watch Christmas tree prices rise every year. According to a survey conducted by the Real Christmas Tree Board in August 2022, 71% of the 55 wholesale Christmas tree growers surveyed predicted a wholesale price increase of 5% to 15% compared to 2021. So how much does a real Christmas tree cost in 2022, you ask? To answer that question, we looked at the price of six-foot Christmas trees in farms across the country. Here's what to expect this holiday season.

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Price: $95
Tree type: Douglas Fir
Mount Eagle Tree Shop

The City of Angels isn't known for being the cheapest place to live, and any six-foot tree you're looking for will generally cost around $100. At Mount Eagle Tree Shop, $95 for a Douglas Fir is a steal, considering they also sell Nordmann trees for almost $150.

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Ann Arbor, MI
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Ann Arbor, Michigan

Price: $69
Tree types: Fraser Fir, Concolor Fir, Blue Spruce, White Spruce, Korean Fir
Urquhart's Tree Farm

Any tree under seven feet for less than $70 is a welcome sight. Urquhart's will also let you scale up past seven feet for $11 per foot.

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New York

Price: $75
Tree types: Fraser Fir, Blue Spruce, White Fir, Norway Spruce
Barclay's Tree Farm

It's a rare circumstance when you actually need a car in Manhattan, but getting out to Barclay's Tree Farm and hauling a tree back will certainly require one. Barclay's is a cut-your-own situation, which means that you get your pick of trees and some extra satisfaction for a job well done.

San Francisco

San Francisco

Price: $135
Tree type: Noble Fir
The Guardsman

Since 1947, The Guardsmen has been the biggest Christmas Tree lot in San Francisco, and you better believe its pricing matches the rest of the city's nearly-unlivable conditions. Expect to pay $135 for any tree between six and seven feet.

Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon

Price: $110
Tree type: Noble Fir
Nob Hill Christmas Trees

You wouldn't expect Portland to have pricier farms than a city like Los Angeles, but it's a wild time to be alive. You'll spend over a hundred bucks at Nob Hill Christmas Trees.

Portland, ME

Portland, Maine

Price: $60
Tree type: Balsam Fir
Hanscome's Christmas Trees

In what should come as a surprise to nobody, things are a lot more chill in Maine. Hanscome's, a cut-your-own operation, recently announced they have increased the price to $60 for a tree of any size.

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Price: $120

Tree types: Noble Fir, Nordmann Fir
Seattle Christmas Tree

This Seattle tree farm is doubling the prices you'll find in Portland, Maine, at $120 a pop.

Asheville NC

Asheville, North Carolina

Price: $65
Tree type: Fraser Fir
Boyd's Christmas Trees

Home Depot is a pain, so just skip it. Boyd's is about 40 minutes outside of Asheville, and $65 is one of our country's better prices for a six-footer.



Price: $170
Tree type: Fraser Fir
Ivy's Christmas Trees

What are y'all doing over there, Ivy's? With six foot trees starting at $170, after tax you're looking at something closer to two bills. Yikes.



Price: $110
Tree type: Balsam Fir
Santa's Garden

Miami is doing things right alongside some of the other major cities, selling six foot Balsams for $110.

New Orleans
istockphoto/:Sean Pavone

New Orleans

Price: $83

Tree type: Fraser Fir
Toy Soldier Christmas Trees

If you live in Louisiana, you're in luck: Head to one of Toy Soldier's four Louisiana locations to grab a Fraser Fir between six and seven feet for only $83.



Price: $89

Tree type: Balsam Fir
EverGreen Delivery

If the actual selection process isn't your favorite part of the experience, EverGreen is a fun option. Your tree will show up via bike messenger, and for the convenience of not scratching up the top of your car, you're still spending less than $100. Not bad.

Sean Pavone


Price: $85
Tree types: Douglas Fir, Canaan Fir
Butler's Orchard

You'll be sawing your own tree down here, but you can score a tree up to seven feet for only $85.