5 Things That Make People 'Giddy With Joy’ As They Get Older

Watercolor of Senior Couple Looking at Lake

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Watercolor of Senior Couple Looking at Lake
Cheapism/Bing Image Creator

Family, Friends, and Food

Inspired by a friend who has a "zest for life," a Redditor asked the r/Adulting community a simple question: What makes you giddy with joy? Although community members of all ages replied, most contributions came from older users. 

We've shared five popular comments below, all of which might help you answer the above question. As you grow older and life becomes more routine and monotonous, how will you spark joy in yourself?

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'Life as a Daily Gift'

After nearly dying in their thirties, this Redditor says they began to view life "as a daily gift to enjoy." And thanks to a fulfilling hobby and family, they share that "so many things" make them giddy in life, from playing guitar to watching their kids grow up.

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'The Simple Stuff'

Whether they know it or not, this Redditor is a Cheapist through and through, as they don't need to "spend a lot" to enjoy life. Rather, it's the simple stuff that keeps them going.

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'An Amazing Meal'

There are few things better than friendship and food. Combine the two, and maybe you've got a recipe for a decent life.

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'My Sons'

This Redditor says that their 1-year-old sons give them "so much joy," even (or especially) when their children let out "horrific screams."

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'My Workplace Burned Down'

While most of these answers are wholesome — family, friends, and food all feature prominently — this comment is a bit dark. But we understand where they're coming from. What if you felt stuck in a job that put you "on the verge of a complete mental breakdown"? Chances are you'd feel elated, even free, if you found out your workplace burned down (provided no one was hurt).