10 Easy Vegan Meal Prep Ideas

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Vegan diets have soared in popularity in recent years — garnering nods of approval from acclaimed chefs, celebrities, and staunch meat lovers. Whether you're turning to a vegan diet for health, environmental, or ethical reasons, studies suggest that a plant-based, low-carb lifestyle can help lower the risk of heart disease, certain types of cancer, and type 2 diabetes. If you're giving vegan food a go, here are some easy and delicious vegan meal prep recipes to get your started and help simplify your life. 

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Meal Prepping Tips

Meal prepping is a great way to save time and money, stay organized, and ensure you have healthy food options available throughout the week. Some tips include: 

  • Plan meals in advance and create a grocery list based on meals that can be frozen and reheated without sacrificing taste and nutrients; ideally meal prepping should give you meals for up to one week.
  • Cook in bulk and store in airtight containers, being mindful not to overcook.
  • Label and date meals so you know what's in the fridge or freezer and when you should eat it by.
  • Prioritize a variety of healthy ingredients: fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains you'd like to add to your diet.
  • Keep healthy snacks such as fruits, nuts, and hard-boiled eggs on hand; be flexible with meal prepping, because unexpected things come up during the week. 
  • Use a variety of cooking methods such as roasting, grilling, and steaming to keep meals interesting and add new flavors.

Healthy Vegan breakfast

Southwestern Tofu Scramble & Breakfast Sweet Potatoes

Seasoned with cumin and ground coriander, this tofu bowl is packed with nutrients, has a satisfying crunchy texture, and reheats well. The sweet potatoes serve as a sweet and creamy bite to counteract the savory punch of the tofu scramble. Try adding fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, or avocado for a healthy and nutritious option for breakfast or lunch. 

Recipe: Sweet Peas and Saffron

Blueberry Muffins

Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins

Packed with healthy ingredients, this recipe is ideal for those who lead busy lives and don't have time to whip up three meals daily. The muffins are easy to make in bulk, last well in a fridge or freezer, and are a convenient on-the-go breakfast or snack. Using dates as a natural sweetener, this recipe is a good option for those with gluten sensitivities; dates are also rich in protective antioxidants.  

Recipe: Nutriciously

Overnight oats vegan recipe breakfast bowl homemade

Protein Overnight Oats

These overnight oats are full of protein (18 grams per serving) and easy to prepare and customize. Simply mix together oats, plant-based milk, and any other ingredients you'd like — such as fruit, nuts, or sweeteners — and let them sit in the fridge overnight. This allows the oats to absorb the liquid and soften, resulting in a creamy texture that is flavorful and, most importantly, super good for you. 

Recipe: The Conscious Plant Kitchen

Pasta Salad
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Mediterranean Quinoa Pasta Salad

With a base of quinoa, gluten-free pasta, and a variety of vegetables, this recipe is colorful and delicious. You can easily switch up ingredients to keep things fresh and interesting, and it's easy to make and can be stored in the fridge for up to five days. Make a large bowl of it on Sunday and enjoy throughout the week.  

Recipe: Nutriciously

Set of bowl of oats porridge isolated on white background. Top view.

Creamy Vegan Millet Porridge

Another good breakfast option, this creamy porridge made from gluten-free grains can be customized to your heart's content — it can even be made sweet or savory. Try using cinnamon and vanilla to infuse the base if you're going down a sweet route, and top it off with fresh fruit, nuts, or seeds for added protein and crunch. You can make this recipe in a slow cooker overnight so it's ready by morning. 

Recipe: Running to the Kitchen

Healthy Organic Quinoa Tabouli Salad

Easy Quinoa Veggie Bowl

Calling for pre-cooked quinoa, canned chickpeas, and fresh veggies, vegan bowls are hugely popular because they are highly customizable and cost-efficient. Quinoa is also a complete protein and high in fiber and minerals. Top with a variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs such as roasted veggies, fresh avocado, berries, and cilantro for a healthy and refreshing meal.

Recipe: Nutriciously

Vegan Taco Wrap

Moroccan-Inspired Collard Wraps

A good option for those looking to shed a few pounds, collard greens are low in calories and are a source of vitamins and minerals — particularly vitamins A, C, and K. Wrapping your fillings (hummus, avocado, tofu, fresh veggies) in collard greens, instead of traditional bread or tortillas can help increase nutrient intake and provide a nice, crunchy texture. 

Recipe: Nutriciously

Healthy vegan salad tortilla wraps with tofu and vegetables. Love for a healthy raw food concept

Vegan Tofu Burritos

Tofu takes on the flavors of whatever marinade or seasoning it's cooked in, making it a great filling for burritos and other wraps. This recipe features tofu that is fried and scrambled, a combination packed with protein and flavor. Try this with a variety of veggies —  bell peppers, avocados, onions, and spinach — as well as flavorful toppings such as avocado, pico de gallo, salsa verde, and vegan sour cream. 

Recipe: Forkful of Plants

Homemade Healthy Chicken Burrito Bowl

Chipotle Vegan Prep Bowls

These flavorful vegan bowls are ready to give Chipotle a run for its money. Featuring quinoa, black beans, and sautéed bell peppers and onions, these bowls are full of fiber and plant protein. They're also easy to make and customize, and they store in the fridge for up to five days so you can forget about stressing over lunch. 

Recipe: Dishing Out Health

Chocolate chia seed pudding with strawberry.

Chocolate Chia Pudding

Who said dessert can't be healthy and delicious? This rich and creamy chocolate chia pudding, made with only five ingredients, is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. Try topping it with fresh fruit, coconut flakes, vegan granola, and a side of dairy-free yogurt for a yummy and nutritious dish that will keep you feeling invigorated for hours as a breakfast or happy as an end-of-the-day treat.

Recipe: The Cooking Collective