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Unfortunately, with the widespread rising costs for just about anything these days, even ole pastimes like shameless trips to your local fast-food joint have become borderline financially questionable decisions. 

But fear not, friends: A viral TikTok video that's surfaced from the highly inventive and resourceful @najahlamis is here to save the day by providing you with a very economically feasible route to create a wildly tasty McDonald's McGriddle copycat within the cozy confines of your home. 

02Photo credit: TikTok

If you thought you had breakfast plans for the rest of this week, you clearly didn't factor in the upcoming TikTok video which will break down how you can create your very own homemade McGriddle with chef-like accuracy. 

Suffice to say, Lamis was quick to succinctly capture how she feels about all this with the caption, "Oh they snapped with this."

And there you have it. No longer do you need to take a field trip to your local McDonald's. Just pick up Trader Joe's Dutch Griddle Cakes and serve them up with some eggs, a slice of cheese, bacon or sausage, or whatever your heart desires for breakfast.

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With winter fast approaching and the steady decline in temperature you can get your McGriddle's fix without having to brave the cold in the process. Seriously, with the average price of a McGriddle running you upwards of $4, just appreciate all the money that you can save back into your pockets. 

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