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Costco might have sworn to sell its hot dog and soft drink combo for $1.50 "forever," but adhering to cheapness isn't the name of the game when it comes to the wholesale giant's latest menu offering. A shopper at a Costco store in Lynwood, Washington, took to Reddit to share a picture of the food court's new roast beef sandwich that costs a whopping $10.

At $10, you'd be forgiven for assuming a roast beef sandwich from a food court known for its affordable prices would be a foot long. But Cheapism checked in with the Lynwood Costco to confirm: The sandwich is made with a 6-inch loaf of ciabatta bread and includes roast beef, lettuce, a mustard-mayo sauce, horseradish chutney, pickled red onions, and roasted cherry tomatoes, according to a food court employee. We had to stop ourselves from becoming apoplectic in asking, "Where's the cheese?!"

Redditors jumped to the comments section of the poster's thread to share their opinions about the menu item, which were mostly focused on price — because excitement about horseradish chutney apparently doesn't exist unless it's paired with cheese. One user wrote, "Only slightly more expensive than two whole rotisserie chickens …" while another halfheartedly defended the $10 price tag, saying, "The same thing at Panera though is $28.50."

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One Redditor expressed doubt about whether the sandwich will find its way to Costco locations nationwide, saying, "$10 for a single-serve, individual item doesn’t seem to fit in well with the rest of their lineup. I would expect this to be a poor seller and get scratched from the lineup quickly. Especially considering this is more than 2x the cost of the turkey/pesto." 

If you ask us, deciding between a single roast beef sandwich inexplicably void of cheese for the same price as a couple of rotisserie chickens or an entire pepperoni pizza is a no-brainer. And we trust cheapists everywhere would agree.

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