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You're probably already familiar with — if not already in love with — Crumbl Cookies. It's the fastest-growing dessert chain in the U.S., and that's not surprising considering the number of locations I've seen pop up in various suburban strip malls in the last couple years. The chain is inescapable.

Somehow, I've managed to avoid Crumbl all this time. As a sweets lover and avid baker, I decided to finally see what all the hype is about, and headed over to my local Crumbl near Milwaukee. 

Crumbl Cookies InteriorPhoto credit: Lacey Muszynski / Cheapism

The first thing I noticed when I walked in the door? How sterile everything looked. This isn't what I have in mind when I think "bakery." Almost everything is white, the walls are mostly plank save for some cartoon-like black branding, and most importantly, there's no bakery case where you can gaze at enticing rows of cookies. Instead, there's one of each cookie on offer on the counter between the registers, but they're only there for show. With no covering, they feel awkwardly exposed and made me irrationally uncomfortable. 

It sure smelled like a bakery, though, with a heavenly sweet scent wafting from the roll-in ovens you can see spinning in the back. I could see the entire prep area, and a number of employees shaping and decorating cookies. A giant mixing paddle stood upright on a font counter behind glass with lots of cookie dough still stuck to it. I really wanted to eat that dough. 

Crumbl Cookies CounterPhoto credit: Lacey Muszynski / Cheapism

I was surprised to learn before going that the cookies change every single week. There are only six on offer (seven if there's a "mystery cookie," which happens every couple of weeks and is different at every location) on any given day. Milk chocolate chip and classic pink sugar cookies seem to stick around all the time, but the other four change every single week, making it kind of a crapshoot as to what you're going to get for your kid's birthday party. It's not great for planning ahead, but it does mean that Crumbl obsessives will check in every week to see if their favorite pops up. It's the good old limited-time offer trick the fast-food industry has perfected.

This week, I got milk chocolate chip, confetti cake, triple berry cobbler, strawberry cake, cookie butter ice cream featuring Biscoff, peanut butter brownie, and chocolate crumb featuring Oreos as a mystery cookie. The verdict? They're not great, across the board, and they're definitely not worth the $30ish I paid for them, even if they're massive. 

Crumbl Peanut Butter Brownie CookiePhoto credit: Lacey Muszynski / Cheapism

The chocolate chip is by far the worst of the bunch, which is just sad for a cookie bakery in the U.S., honestly. It uses milk chocolate chips, so there's almost no chocolate flavor, and little flavor at all beyond "sweet." Both berry cookies are the best because they taste strongly of fresh jam. Mostly, the cookies are soft, huge, and sweet, without super strong flavors or distinguishing characteristics, despite mounds of pillowy frosting and other decorations. I want a bold flavored cookie to match their appearance, and that's not these.

When the worker put my pink-boxed cookies on the counter, she asked me if they looked good before closing the box, which was an unexpected touch. When there was some confusion about my order (seven is an unusual number of cookies to order), I ended up getting one cookie for free. Props for the friendly service. 

Overall, though, I probably won't be going back. I wasn't wowed by any of the cookies, and $30 would go a long way on much fancier and better tasting desserts at my favorite local bakery. Based on my experience, here's what I learned that might help you if you're thinking of trying Crumbl Cookies too.

How much are Crumbl Cookies?

Prices vary between locations, but they're generally between $4 and $5 per cookie. (Cookies are huge so expect to cut each cookie into four pieces for sharing with groups.) There are the prices at my location in suburban Milwaukee, Wisc.:

  • Single cookie: $4.38
  • 4-Pack Box: $14.28
  • 6-Pack Box: $21.98
  • Party Box (12-Pack): $37.38

Does Crumbl Cookies deliver?

Yes, Crumbl Cookies delivers at some locations. You have to order at least a 4-pack of cookies in order to get delivery. You can place your order on the Crumbl app from your phone. At my location, the delivery fee is $6, plus a $2 tip is automatically added, which you can change to other amounts. You can also add gift packaging for a special occasion along with a note if you'd like to surprise someone.

What are the Crumbl Cookie flavors this week?

Crumbl has new cookie flavors every Monday. You can see this week's flavors by going to the Crumbl website, app, or checking the chain's TikTok account, where they post announcement videos each week. If you're impatient, you can also head to the r/CrumblCookies Reddit where people post upcoming cookie flavors in spoiler threads. 

Does Crumbl Cookie have gluten-free cookies?

According to the Crumbl website, it does offer "a few gluten-free flavor options that rotate from time to time." So while it does occasionally offer gluten-friendly cookies, keep in mind that they're made in an open kitchen, so cross-contamination with wheat is always possible. 

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