The Best McDonald’s Breakfast Menu Items To Order



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McDonald's interior
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Rise And Shine

A lot of people know just how much firepower the McDonald’s breakfast menu packs, but where do you start your order? There are plenty of options, ranging from pancakes to breakfast sandwiches. Let’s take a look at the McDonald’s breakfast menu and see what you can’t leave the drive-thru without.

If you're wondering "What time does McDonald's stop selling breakfast," the answer at most locations is 10:30 a.m. — but you should check with your local outpost for the most up-to-date McDonald's breakfast hours.

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What Is McDonald's Best-Selling Breakfast Item?

According to Reader's Digest, the best-selling breakfast item at McDonald's is a classic: the Egg McMuffin. Dreamed up by McDonald's franchisee Herb Peterson in 1971, the McMuffin debuted as an English muffin featuring a slice of grilled Canadian bacon, poached egg, and cheese. Today, you can swap out the Canadian bacon for a decadent sausage patty.


Best Breakfast Sandwich at McDonald's: McMuffins

There's no reason to pretend like this could have gone any other way. The Benedict-inspired breakfast sandwich is just about as famous as the Big Mac, with a nation collectively demanding it be sold all day long. Be it sausage or ham, those weird egg patties are delicious. The McMuffin is a stunner. Grab it at the fast-food chain, or take a look at our secret recipes story and make your own copycat version at home.

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McDonald's Hash Browns

Best Breakfast Side at McDonald's: Hash Browns

No other fast-food joint does them better. They're almost always golden brown, but pro tip: You can request one hot and fresh out of the fryer, which generally takes about five extra minutes. But that right there is the definition of worth it.

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Best Breakfast Mash-Up at McDonald's: McGriddles

What do you want us to say? Of course this type of food is horrendous for you. Of course this type of food is a little bit intense for starting out your day. Of course this food seems like something a college student came up with. Yet the fact remains: If you're going to use pancakes as a bun and inject tiny little syrup nuggets into those pancakes, you're doing something right. The McGriddles (a single sandwich is called a McGriddles, don't ask us why) is terrific.

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Best Breakfast Carb at McDonald's: Biscuits

This isn't the finest move you'll make at McDonald's, as the folded omelette-style eggs aren't as great as the version that comes in the McMuffins. That said, the sausage biscuit stands a solo winner, and is a great add-on for somebody feeling a little extra hungry.

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Best Breakfast for Sweet Tooths at McDonald's: Hotcakes

Breakfast is served: For more of a sit-down dish, Mickey D's has a few breakfast platter options featuring their famous spongey hotcakes. Still want them on the go? No prob — grab 'em with your hands and dip 'em in the syrup. Nobody's watching.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does McDonald’s stop serving breakfast?

McDonald's serves breakfast from the minute it opens (varies by location), right up until around 10:45 AM when it makes the shift to its lunch menu. Conversely, this means no morning McNuggets either.

Why did McDonald’s stop selling breakfast all day?

Right before the pandemic, McDonald's announced a selection of all-day breakfast items. Even the Egg McMuffin was included, a dream for many of us. Unfortunately, the pandemic changed everything, and in order to keep more kitchen space for the most popular items, McDonald's left all-day breakfast behind.

Are McCafe items served all day?

The good news is that any of the drinks from the McCafe selection, like mochas, Americanos, and cappuccinos, are available all day long.