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When we say "The Golden Arches," you know we're talking about McDonald's. When you picture the fast-food joint, images of beige brick and that giant yellow "M" likely flood your brain. But not all Mickey D's locations look the same. 

Around the globe, some unusual and quirky McDonald's restaurants veer off the beaten path and TikTok user @matthewables visited four different offbeat locations, sharing his experiences in a viral video. Here's a look inside the locations.

screen shot of tiktok video for unique mcdonalds - 1Photo credit: TikTok / matthewables

The Oldest McDonald's 

Matthew started his McAdventure with the oldest Mickey D's still standing in Downey, California, which was built more than 70 years ago. He included clips of memorabilia inside the restaurant and explained that in addition to serving up fast food (including DEEP-FRIED apple pie!), the Downey location is also a tourist trap, err, we mean museum. Although the Downey domain isn't the original burger joint, it was the third-ever location for the now-international chain, and therefore a relic in its own right.

screenshot of tiktok about unique mcdonald's - 2Photo credit: TikTok / matthewables

America's Fanciest McDonald's

Next up, Matthew stopped in at a "fancy" McDonald's in Independence, Ohio, which looks like a White House imitator on the outside, but is actually pretty unimpressive and blandly modern on the inside. The interior once had chandeliers, but the inside was revamped later on to show a sleeker (and subsequently less elegant) aesthetic. 

screenshot of TikTok video of unique McDonald'sPhoto credit: TikTok / matthewables

Robot-Run Drive-Thru McDonald's

Heading to Fort Worth, Texas, Matthew hit a McDonald's drive-thru operated entirely by a robot. He never had a face to thank for his fries.

screenshot of tiktok showing unique mcdonaldsPhoto credit: TikTok / matthewables

Log Cabin McDonald's

At the Wisconsin Dells McDonald's, you'll think you've stepped straight into a ski resort. Matthew pointed out all of the taxidermy displays and showed a quick clip of a game room inside the restaurant that we're dying to see more of.

Of course, the comments section teems with outrage as TikTok users call out more impressively unique locations than the ones Matthew showcased in his video. We do not disagree that there are more impressive locations out there, guys, but let's remember this guy isn't getting paid to travel around the globe to provide us with snippets of eclectic McDonald's restaurants. However, if 8 million views on this viral video provide him with a little extra cash, maybe he will take some of the suggestions and give the people what they want.

Amid all the noise in the comments section, some users took notice of the standout feature that caught our eye near the beginning of the video, and that was the cameo of Mac Tonight. If there's one thing we can't get enough of, it's fast food nostalgia, and Mac Tonight pretty well embodies that for us.

tiktok commentPhoto credit: TikTok

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