Chick-Fil-A Sandwich Bag

Lacey Muszynski / Cheapism

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Sometimes TikTok is full of insane ideas, but sometimes it hits one out of the park and we just have to try it ourselves. Case in point: A viral Chick-Fil-A hack we wrote about last week that got all of our mouths watering here at Cheapism. 

Long story short, a Chick-Fil-A employee suggested coating the standard breaded chicken breast in hot sauce and honey packets to make a sweet, spicy hot honey chicken sandwich. It looks amazing in the video, and the video's maker, @alexis.frost, loves it. I don't really need much convincing to try any kind of fried chicken hack, so off I went to try it myself.

@alexis.frost Hot honey chicken sandwich ✅ suggested by Rachel.marie_a on IG . #mrsfrost #chickfila #chickensandwich #fastfood #foodie #foodtok ♬ mario sound - mandycap

In the video, the worker instructed to ask for the sandwich with extra butter and double toasted. I ended up having the same outcome as Alexis on this one: the bun looked normal toasted, despite the register worker very dutifully asking a manager if that was possible ("yes, but there's no button for it") and then typing in the request for the kitchen. Honestly, it probably made no difference at all anyway.

Chick-Fil-A Hot Honey Hack BagPhoto credit: Lacey Muszynski / Cheapism

The real star of the show is the sticky sauce you're going to cobble together with free condiments packets, anyway. I used two packets of honey, as instructed, along with two packets of Texas Pete (the video didn't specify how much but it seemed prudent), and emptied them on top of the bunless chicken in the foil-lined bag the sandwich came in. Then I shook it all up to get everything coated. 

The result was a delicious, sweet and ever-so-slightly spicy chicken breast that looked amazing back on its bun. The honey glaze was shiny and gorgeous, and was an instant upgrade to the typical crusty, blotchy brown breading. Chick-Fil-A sandwiches have a tendency to be dry, and this hot honey hack took care of that problem handily. 

Chick-Fil-A Hot Honey Hack SandwichPhoto credit: Lacey Muszynski / Cheapism

I did wish it had more of a kick, though that's because Texas Pete isn't nearly as hot as most hot honeys that we've tried. It was also a complete mess. The honey packets were sticky already, then I fished the chicken out of the messy bag with my fingers, and there was just honey and hot sauce kind of everywhere. Do NOT try this hack in your car like in the original video, or you'll be cursing the sticky fingerprints you'll find days later.

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Thanks to using four packets of sauce, there was lots left over in the bag after coating the chicken. I ended up pouring it onto the sandwich as I ate it, which really punched up the flavor. If you're getting bored with plain old Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, I recommend giving this free, sticky sweet upgrade a try — just make sure you can wash your hands immediately after eating it.

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