States With the Most (and Least) Expensive Pizza

NYC Pizzaria Pizza Pie


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NYC Pizzaria Pizza Pie

Slice of the Pie

We all know inflation is hurting our wallets at the grocery store, but how much is it affecting one of America's favorite takeout meals, pizza? Turns out, the price of a large cheese pizza went up in 2022 compared to 2021 in all but five states, according to a report called "Slice of the Union," which analyzed orders from independent pizzerias across the U.S. Turns out, the price of your pizza can vary widely depending on where you live, including these 10 states where pizza prices were the highest and the lowest.

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Oklahoma Route 66 Sign along the historic Route 66 in the State of Oklahoma, USA.

50. Oklahoma

Average price: $12.70

The most affordable pie in the country can be found in Oklahoma, where a large cheese pizza sets you back a only couple of bucks more than the price of some frozen pizzas.

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49. Minnesota

Average price: $13.88

Minnesota was one of the five states where the price of a cheese pizza didn't go up in 2022 from 2021. If you want sauerkraut on your pizza, like the locals do, it'll cost you a little more.

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48. Alabama

Average price: $14.80

Alabama was considered the "cheapest date" spot in the report. Not only were the cheese pizzas some of the least expensive in the country, the average total order was also the lowest.

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Kansas City Missouri Lake Skyline

47. Kansas

Average price: $14.96

Kansas is the last state on the list to keep its average price for a pizza under $15, though it's going to be hard to catch up with neighboring Oklahoma's low prices.

Fargo, North Dakota

46. North Dakota

Average price: $15.35

North Dakota was another of the five lucky states that didn't see any increase in the price of a large cheese pizza in 2022 from 2021, though it sets you back more than $15.

Pizza Inn
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National Average

Average price: $17.81

The overall national average price of a large cheese pizza at an independent pizzeria in 2022 was $17.81. Sure, you may be able to get a pizza cheaper at the giant chains, but you need to jump through hoops to use online coupons or loyalty programs to do it — not to mention it won't be nearly as good as at a mom and pop shop.

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5. Colorado

Average price: $21.23

The fifth most expensive state to order some 'za is Colorado. It's about 3½ bucks pricier than the national average, and much more expensive than neighboring Kansas and Oklahoma.

Homer, Alaska
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4. Alaska

Average price: $21.74

Everything is more expensive in Alaska due to its remoteness, and pizza is no exception. Not only does it have the fourth-most expensive large cheese pie, but consumers in the 49th state also tend to spend the most money on their total orders.

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3. Illinois

Average price: $22.52

You need more than a few $5 bills in the land of Lincoln for a large cheese pizza — though hefty Chicago-style deep dish and its mounds of cheese may have skewed the results.

Sunset Seattle

2. Washington

Average price: $23.34

Pizzas break the $23 mark in Washington, the state with the second-most expensive large cheese pizzas in the country.

Sunrise at Portland, Oregon
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1. Oregon

Average price: $26.94

If you're a pizza fanatic on a budget, the Pacific Northwest is probably not your ideal place to live. Oregon has the most expensive pizza in the country on average at almost $27. For a plain cheese pizza, that's pretty outrageous.