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Great Wines Under $20 from Every State

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Best Cheap Wine in Every State

Drinking Local

While many people first think of California and maybe New York when it comes to American-made wine, there are actually enjoyable wines produced in every U.S. state. Because of different climates, some areas use sweeter native grapes such as muscadine or chambourcin instead of European varieties such as sauvignon blanc or merlot. As an added twist, many states also produce wines using different fruits, such as pineapple or cherry. In these places, it can be difficult to find traditional wines of good quality for under $20, so many of the best values are wines that use the sweeter native grapes and other fruits — offering a unique local flavor.

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Hidden Meadow Vineyard's Smith Ridge White
Source: Hidden Meadow Vineyard

Alabama: Hidden Meadow Vineyard's Smith Ridge White

Price: $13 | Buy it
Smith Ridge White from Hidden Meadow Vineyards is a classic sweet wine made from the muscadine grape. The flavors are very grapey and fruity, pairing perfectly with Southern staples such as spicy fried chicken and salty ham.

Alaska Berries' Haskap
Source: Alaska Berries

Alaska: Alaska Berries' Haskap

Price: $17 | Buy it
Alaska doesn't have much in the way of grape wines, but producers there do make wine from other fruits, including the haskap berry, also known as the honeyberry. The 100% Alaska-produced haskap wine from Alaska Berries is a unique and authentic taste of what the state has to offer.

Arizona Stronghold Vineyard's 16 Mangus
Source: Arizona Stronghold

Arizona: Arizona Stronghold Vineyard's 18 Mangus

Price: $18 | Buy it
Arizona Stronghold Vineyards is terroir-focused, which means above all else, the winery tries to capture a sense of the land in its wines. It offers a range of popular dry wines, such as the 18 Mangus with its bold body and rich flavor.

Post Familie Vineyard's Cabernet Sauvignon
Source: Post Familie

Arkansas: Post Familie Vineyard's Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: $10 | Buy it
Locals recognize Post Familie Vineyards in Altus as the state's premier winery. The wines range from dry to sweet and are made from American and European grape varieties. The cabernet sauvignon, described as velvety with aromas of plum and currant, is one of its most popular dry reds. (Note: Arkansas state law tightly restricts the shipping of wine. Contact the winery to inquire about prices and how to buy.)

Bonny Doon 2018 Le Cigare Volant
Source: Bonny Doon Vineyard

California: Bonny Doon 2018 Le Cigare Volant

Price: $16 | Buy it
California is America's premier wine-producing state, and Bonny Doon wines represent some of the very best made there. While many of its wines are top-tier with prices to match, there are excellent value varieties, as well. Le Cigare Volant is a flavorful red with hints of spicy licorice and berry.

Sutcliffe Vineyard's 2017 Rose
Source: Sutcliffe Wines

Colorado: Sutcliffe Vineyard's 2017 Rose

Price: $15 | Buy it
Sutcliffe Vineyards produces a handful of sweet wines along with its dry selections, and while most are top dollar, there is a cheaper option of similar quality: The 2017 Rose, which is crisp with a mineral finish, offering hints of apple, nutmeg, chamomile, honeydew, and tangerine on the nose. 

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Jerram Winery's Our Sweet Rose
Mariyana M/shutterstock

Connecticut: Jerram Winery's Our Sweet Rose

Price: $13 | Buy it
Jerram Winery is a premier producer in this Northeastern state, and it specializes in wines that blend different grapes for slightly sweet everyday wines. Our Sweet Rose is a top choice for everyday drinkability and pairs well with everything from salads and poultry to spicy fusion cuisine.

Harvest Ridge Winery's Blue Hen Blue

Delaware: Harvest Ridge Winery's Blue Hen Blue

Price: $16 | Buy it
Delaware wine producers focus primarily on native grape varieties that tend to be aromatic and often semi-sweet. Harvest Ridge's Blue Hen Blue is a benchmark example of this approach and the style of wine it makes, with wild berry and candied fruits notes that result in a palate of both sweet and tart. 

San Sebastian Winery's Rosa
Source: Total Wine

Florida: San Sebastian Winery's Rosa

Price: $9 | Buy it
San Sebastian is one of the best-known winemakers in Florida. While the climate there makes it difficult to grow traditional European grapes, the winery is able to grow the muscadine grape. San Sebastian's Rosa is a blush wine that celebrates the natural fruitiness of this Southern grape.

Three Sisters Vineyard's Chestatee White
Source: Three Sisters Vineyards

Georgia: Three Sisters Vineyard's Chestatee White

Price: $19 | Buy it
Three Sisters Vineyards produces a whole range of wines, and the Chestatee White is a crowd-pleasing blend of pinot blanc and vidal blanc, with crisp notes of apple and honeydew.

Maui Wine's Maui Splash
Source: Maui Wine

Hawaii: Maui Wine's Maui Splash

Price: $14 | Buy it
While there are grape wines from Hawaii, the state's pineapple wines offer the best value, not to mention local flavor. Maui Splash is a juicy, semi-sweet wine bursting with fresh pineapple flavor.

Indian Creek Farm Winery's Star Garnet
Source: Indian Creek Farm Winery

Idaho: Indian Creek Farm Winery's Star Garnet

Price: $16 | Buy it
Indian Creek is a celebrated producer, making classic and experimental wines in a state with a decent climate for growing European and American grape varieties. Its Star Garnet is a unique offering that blends merlot, cabernet sauvignon, petit verdot, and malbec, giving sweet hints of chocolate, black cherries, vanilla, and mocha.

Fox Valley Winery's Grandma's Blush
Source: Fox Valley Winery

Illinois: Fox Valley Winery's Grandma's Blush

Price: $15 | Buy it
Fox Valley Winery in Oswego generally uses grapes and other fruits native to the area, such as Concord grapes, in addition to classic wine grapes. Its popular Grandma's Blush is a medium-bodied, semi-sweet red blend with a sweet grape flavor up front that fades into a tart cherry palate with mild acidity.

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Oliver Winery's Creekbend Chambourcin
Source: Oliver Winery

Indiana: Oliver Winery's Creekbend Chambourcin

Price: $22 | Buy it
This 2016 dry red is one of Oliver Winery's signature, award-winning Creekbend wines, combining rich berry flavors with subtle tannins. It's barrel-aged for a sophisticated, balanced result. 

Summerset Winery's Pink Frost
Source: Summerset Winery

Iowa: Summerset Winery's Pink Frost

Price: $13 | Buy it
While Iowa is not known for its dry wines, producers there do make sweet and semi-sweet wines from local grapes. Pink Frost is made in a semi-sweet and tart style with a fruity zing on the finish.

Prairie Fire Winery's Seyval Blanc Semi-Dry
Source: Prairie Fire Winery

Kansas: Prairie Fire Winery's Seyval Blanc Semi-Dry

Price: $16 | Buy it
The climate in Kansas makes it difficult to grow European grapes, but producers there have had success with hybrid grapes that offer elements of European and American wine styles. Seyval Blanc Semi-Dry is aromatic, clean, and dry, similar to dry pinot gris or gewürztraminer.

Elk Creek Vineyard's Red Blend Wine
Source: Elk Creek Vineyards

Kentucky: Elk Creek Vineyard's Red Blend Wine

Price: $20 | Buy it
Elk Creek is the premier winery in Kentucky, making sweet and dry wines. Its red blend wine is a blend of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and chambourcin, offering a classic dry red wine with flavors of fruit and a firm structure.

Ponchartrain Vineyard's Voodoo Zin
Source: Ponchartrain Vineyards

Louisiana: Ponchartrain Vineyard's Voodoo Zin

Price: $14 | Buy it
Louisiana is home to a few wineries, of which Ponchartrain is the most highly regarded. It has a wide offering of traditional and lesser-known grape varieties, a favorite being its VooDoo Zin, which is full-bodied and spicy, with bold fruit flavors.

Cellardoor Winery's Treasure
Source: Cellardoor Winery

Maine: Cellardoor Winery's Treasure

Price: $15 | Buy it
Maine is not known for its ability to grow wine grapes, so most wineries source grapes from other states for a majority of production. To capture the flavor of Maine, Cellardoor infuses this specialty wine with wild Maine blueberries and maple syrup. It's an award-winning, fortified dessert wine with layers of complex flavor.

Big Cork Vineyard's Vidal Blanc
Source: Big Cork Vineyards

Maryland: Big Cork Vineyard's Vidal Blanc

Price: $19 | Buy it
The climate and rich farmlands of Maryland make it one of the best-situated states on the East Coast for wine production. Big Cork Vineyards is one of the premier producers of classic and hybrid wine varieties. Its vidal blanc is a highly aromatic white wine with a touch of sweetness that makes it an ideal pairing for spicy foods.

Hardwick Vineyard & Winery's Quabbin Native Red Wine
Source: Yankee Spirits

Massachusetts: Hardwick Vineyard & Winery's Quabbin Native Red Wine

Price: $14 | Buy it
Hardwick Vineyard & Winery has garnered attention for wines made from the native catawba grape. Its award-winning Quabbin Native Red Wine is a lush wine full of berry fruit and floral flavors that is best served chilled.

Black Star Farms' Arcturos Pinot Noir Rosé
Source: Plum Market

Michigan: Black Star Farms' Arcturos Pinot Noir Rosé

Price: $15.50 | Buy it
Michigan has been an up-and-coming wine-producing state for the past decade or so and continues to show promise, especially with grapes that are more difficult to grow, such as pinot noir. Black Star Farms offers high value and quality in wines such as its Arcturos Pinot Noir Rosé, which is dry, fruity, and floral.

Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery's Riesling
Source: Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery

Minnesota: Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery's Riesling

Price: $19 | Buy it
Minnesota's climate brings very hot growing seasons and very cold winters, which only hardy grape varieties can survive. Cool-climate grapes such as riesling do well, as seen in this rich and aromatic version.

Old South Winery's Sweet Noble

Mississippi: Old South Winery's Sweet Noble

Price: $12 | Buy it
There aren't many wine producers in Mississippi, and the wines that sell the most are sweet wines. The Sweet Noble red is juicy and rich, with pure fruit flavors that the winery says come from aging the wine in stainless steel tanks instead of wooden barrels.

Augusta Winery's Estate Bottled Chambourcin
Source: Augusta Winery

Missouri: Augusta Winery's Estate Bottled Chambourcin

Price: $12 | Buy it
Augusta is one of the premier producers in Missouri, offering wines from native grapes, hybrids, and other fruits such as blueberries and raspberries. Estate Bottled Chambourcin is made in a dry style, with rich red fruit and a bold, spicy body.

Ten Spoon Vineyard's Flathead Cherry Dry
Source: Ten Spoon

Montana: Ten Spoon Vineyard's Flathead Cherry Dry

Price: $18 | Buy it
While vineyards in Montana are capable of growing native and imported grape varieties, their specialty is cherries. Ten Spoon has a wide offering of wines, including Flathead Cherry Dry, which is smooth and full of dark fruit flavors for a unique taste of the terroir.

James Arthur Vineyard's High Road

Nebraska: James Arthur Vineyard's High Road

Price: $15 | Buy it
James Arthur grows a variety of grapes and excels at blended wines. One of its most sought-after, the High Road, is a dry red with a full body made from the best of each red variety.

Pahrump Valley Winery's Symphony

Nevada: Pahrump Valley Winery's Symphony

Price: $15 | Buy it
Pahrump Valley Winery specializes in sweet and semi-sweet wines. The Symphony, its most-awarded wine, is a sweet, aromatic offering with flavors of honeysuckle, apricot, and lychee that pairs well with everything from spicy Asian food to pasta. 

LaBelle Winery's Dry Riesling
Source: LaBelle Winery

New Hampshire: LaBelle Winery's Dry Riesling

Price: $17 | Buy it
LaBelle, one of New Hampshire's most-recognized producers, makes wines from traditional wine grapes as well as other local fruits. The Dry Riesling is made in a style similar to the wines from the Alsace region on the French-German border, full of finesse and stone fruit aromatics.

Hopewell Valley Vineyard's Barbera
Source: Hopewell Valley Vineyards

New Jersey: Hopewell Valley Vineyard's Barbera

Price: $21 | Buy it
Hopewell Valley Vineyards represents decades of Italian winemaking experience, making its wines a cut above the rest. Its Barbera is made in a classic dry style with plenty of tart red fruit and brightness, perfect for pairing with red-sauce dishes.

Acequia Vineyards & Winery's Chardonnay
Mari K./

New Mexico: Acequia Vineyards & Winery's Chardonnay

Price: $20 | Buy it
The warmer temperatures of New Mexico allow grape growers to use an array of indigenous and imported varieties. Acequia is a top-rated producer, offering hybrid, native, and European-grape-based wines. The chardonnay is ripe and full of golden fruit flavors, with a barely perceptible kiss of sweetness on the finish.

Fox Run Vineyard's Semi-Dry Riesling

New York: Fox Run Vineyard's Semi-Dry Riesling

Price: $14 | Buy it
Wines from New York are starting to make waves in the national and international markets, and for good reason. The state's vast growing regions offer many styles of wine, although most tend to be pricey. Fox Run offers one of the best values with its Semi-Dry Riesling, which is perfectly balanced among flavorful, sweet, and tart.

Duplin Winery's Pink Magnolia
Source: Duplin Winery

North Carolina: Duplin Winery's Pink Magnolia

Price: $8 | Buy it
One of the oldest wineries in the state, Duplin offers a range of semi-sweet wines made from local American grape varieties. Made from muscadine, Pink Magnolia is juicy with flavors of sweet, ripe fruit.

Maple River Winery's Aronia Wine
Source: Maple River Winery

North Dakota: Maple River Winery's Aronia Wine

Price: $14 | Buy it
The making of wine from fruit other than grapes is the main form in North Dakota, and Maple River Winery is the premier producer. Of all its creative bottlings, its Aronia Wine is the most authentic, made in a relatively dry style from aronia berries, also called chokeberries, which are native to the United States.

Winery At Versailles' Pinot Grigio
Source: Winery At Versailles

Ohio: Winery at Versailles' Pinot Grigio

Price: $13.50 | Buy it
Ohio's climate allows for the production of classic European varieties such as chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon. This perennial favorite pinot grigio is in a traditional dry style with plenty of crisp aromatics and freshness.

Put a Cork in It Winery's Bedlam Blush
Source: Put a Cork in It Winery

Oklahoma: Put a Cork in It Winery's Bedlam Blush

Price: $14 | Buy it
Put A Cork In It Winery is one of the most admired in Oklahoma, where there are few wineries. It offers a range of dry and sweet bottles. The best value from this producer is the Bedlam Blush, a light, refreshing rosé made in a French style, with flavors of berries and cherries and a dry finish. (Note: Oklahoma has restrictive laws about shipping wine. Contact the winery directly for purchase options.)

Adelsheim Vineyard's Pinot Blanc
Source: Adelsheim Vineyards

Oregon: Adelsheim Vineyard's Pinot Blanc

Price: $25 | Buy it 
Though not as inexpensive as some other wines on this list, Adelsheim has been on the forefront of the wine scene in Oregon for a long time and has garnered attention all over the United States, excelling in aromatic whites. Its pinot blanc has notes of apple blossom, lemon zest, and wildflowers that mingle with a lively acidity for a result that is richly textured with depth and dimension. 

Crossing Vineyards and Winery's Riesling
Source: Crossing Vineyards and Winery

Pennsylvania: Crossing Vineyards and Winery's Riesling

Price: $18 | Buy it
Relatively well-suited for wine production, Pennsylvania is home to many grape varieties. Crossing has won awards for its riesling, which is made in a semi-dry style with tart acidity and a gentle sweetness that enhances the ripe fruit flavors.

Carolyn's Sakonnet's NV Prana
Source: Carolyn's Sakonnet Vineyard

Rhode Island: Carolyn's Sakonnet's NV Prana

Price: $11 | Buy it
Carolyn's Sakonnet Winery is renowned in the Northeast as the best wine producer in Rhode Island. Many of its wines have won multiple awards, including the NV Prana, a non-vintage blend of vidal and gewürztraminer for a highly aromatic yet dry white wine.

Island Winery's Harvest White

South Carolina: Island Winery's Harvest White

Price: $17 | Buy it
Island Winery is on Hilton Head Island in the northeastern part of South Carolina, an ideal location for growing native grape varieties. Harvest White, made from estate-grown grapes, is a charming wine with a lot of fruitiness and a bit of sweetness.

Prairie Berry Winery's Great Grandma's Chokecherry Wine
Source: Prairie Berry

South Dakota: Prairie Berry Winery's Great Grandma's Chokecherry Wine

Price: $16.50 | Buy it
Prairie Berry Winery in the Black Hills is beloved for its wide array of offerings. Many of its dry, European-style wines are pricey, but its fruit wines and sweet wines are more affordable. Made from a family recipe, Great Grandma's Chokecherry Wine is a semi-dry cherry wine that represents decades of South Dakota tradition.

Apple Barn Winery's AB Merlot
Source: Apple Barn Winery

Tennessee: Apple Barn Winery's AB Merlot

Price: $19 | Buy it
Apple Barn Winery is one of the few producers of dry wine in Tennessee and uses traditional oak aging methods for its reds. AB Merlot is a dry red with notes of toasty oak that complement its rich body and fruity flavors.

Duchman Family Winery's Trebbiano
Source: Duchman Family Winery

Texas: Duchman Family Winery's Trebbiano

Price: $11 | Buy it
Known for it expansive list of grape varieties, Duchman makes 100% Texas wines in a range of styles. Its Trebbiano is an easy-to-love white made from a typically Italian wine and Cognac grape.

Castle Creek Winery's Merlot
Source: Castle Creek Winery

Utah: Castle Creek Winery's Merlot

Price: $16 | Buy it
European varieties such as cabernet sauvignon and merlot grow well in Utah, although there are just a handful of producers. Castle Creek is one of the state's premier wineries offering dry wines like its merlot, a rich red with a soft body and warm fruit flavors.

Boyden Valley Vermont Maple Reserve
Source: Boyden Valley

Vermont: Boyden Valley Vermont Maple Reserve

Price: $19 | Buy it
This wine, made in a semi-sweet style, is all about terroir — and maple flavor with a crisp and clean body and finish that comes from a base of cider.

Chrysalis Vineyard's Estate-Bottled Norton
Source: Total Wine

Virginia: Chrysalis Vineyard's Estate-Bottled Norton

Price: $19 | Buy it
Virginia's wines are positioned to give California and New York a run for their money. One of the most technologically advanced wineries in the country, Chrysalis Vineyards offers a range of wines from American and European grapes. One of the best values is the estate-bottled Norton, which is considered the primary native grape for making dry red wines.

Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling

Washington: Charles Smith Wines' Kung Fu Girl Riesling

Price: $10 | Buy it
Charles Smith Wines has become well-known nationally and internationally. Kung Fu Girl Riesling is beloved for its fresh and crisp profile, offering tart and tangy fruit tones with a hint of sweetness that rounds out the flavors.

West Whitehill Winery's Raspberry Royale
Source: West Whitehill Winery

West Virginia: West Whitehill Winery's Raspberry Royale

Price: $10 | Buy it
West Whitehill Winery consistently produces award-winning wines made from blending different grape varieties and sometimes other fruits. Raspberry Royale is the bestseller and recipient of multiple awards for its semi-sweet flavor full of aromatic grapes and sweet-tart raspberries.

Wollersheim Winery's Pinot Noir
Source: Wollersheim Winery

Wisconsin: Wollersheim Winery's Pinot Noir

Price: $18.50 | Buy it
Wollersheim Winery in Prairie du Sac is locally well-known for exceptional wines, as well as a line of distilled spirits. The pinot noir sports a low price for a high-quality, 100% pinot noir wine. It's light- to medium-bodied, with flavors of flowers and notes of French oak.

Table Mountain Vineyards' Cowboy Reserve Red
Source: Table Mountain Vineyards

Wyoming: Table Mountain Vineyards' Cowboy Reserve Red

Price: $18 | Buy it
Table Mountain Vineyards grows its own grapes and bottles all its wines on the estate. The Cowboy Reserve Red Table Wine is a dry and smoky red wine with a full body and spicy finish.