Girl Scouts of the USA

Girl Scouts of the USA

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Are you tired of tracking down your local Girl Scout troop at some big-box store on a cold day just so you can get your Thin Mint fix? If so, we have good news: Girl Scout cookies are going on-demand, straight to your door — and there's a tempting new cookie this year, too.

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The Girl Scouts have partnered with DoorDash, a third-party food delivery service, to bring Girl Scout cookies to your door anytime during the famous annual cookie sale. On-demand delivery will be available starting in February in participating markets nationwide. Customers will also be able to order cookies for pickup at a nearby booth through the DoorDash app and website. (As always, ordering through a Girl Scout you know is the best method.)

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Like all other aspects of the fundraiser, Girl Scouts will have a leading role, including tracking and fulfilling the orders for DoorDash drivers and managing inventory. All proceeds will benefit the customer's local Girl Scout troops and council, as is the case with all cookie sales.

Girl Scouts of the USA New CookiePhoto credit: Girl Scouts of the USA

Besides the new tech partnership, Girl Scouts have introduced a new cookie this year. Adventurefuls are a brownie-like cookie with a pool of salted caramel creme in the center, plus a drizzle of chocolate for good measure. If those aren't enough to entice you into a cookie delivery order, nothing is.

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