Costco-Themed Birthday Parties Are a Hit — Here's How to Throw One

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When it comes to retail fandom, Costco fans are unmatched in their zeal. Case in point: The warehouse store’s shoppers are so devoted that it’s become a trend to celebrate Costco-themed birthday parties.

As countless posts on social media show, everyone from Kirkland-loving toddlers to grown men are transforming their houses into miniature Costco warehouses, with red and blue-colored balloons, faux membership cards, and hors d'oeuvres disguised as Costco samples. 

Taking inspiration from the dozens of themed parties shared online — including this recent post that's blowing up on TikTok — here are 8 ideas for the best Costco-themed birthday.

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Set Up Sample Stations

If there's one thing that makes Costco unique, it's that the warehouse store has sample stations set up throughout its store. So give your party a little Costco-themed flair by serving everything from drinks to appetizers on red sample trays accompanied by the store's characteristic price tag sheet. And if you've got volunteers who don't mind playing the part, you can even have someone work the food station dressed in Costco garb (white shirt, hair net, and red apron).

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Kirkland-Brand Sweater
Costco Name Tags
Florida Badges
Costco Executive Membership Card

Send Out Membership Card Invitations

Since Costco is a membership-only store, it's only fair that birthday guests have to show that they've paid their dues. Fake membership cards can also double as invitations to the party.

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'Hire' a Greeter

Set the tone from the get-go by checking guest's membership card invitations at the door. And if you're really committed to the bit, ask to see guests' receipts on the way out.

Costco cafe pizza hot dog churro

Serve Costco's Greatest Hits

Stock your party with Costco's greatest hits, including the food court's pizza, hot dogs, and churros, and the retailer's unbelievably cheap rotisserie chicken. Of course, the centerpiece will be Costco's sheet cake, which has made a return after a brief hiatus in 2020.

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Celebrate the 'Employee of the Year'

At a Costco-themed party you don't celebrate the birthday boy or girl; instead, take a cue from this pair of superfans, Sebastian and Josie Gonzalez, who created a congratulatory "employee of the year" poster for their son's first birthday, featuring a photo from every month of his life. 

Liquor Aisle Costco

Use Kirkland-Brand Bottles as Vases

Put those Kirkland-brand liquor bottles to use by turning them into vases,  as the Gonzalez's did for their son's birthday. You'll want to stick with red, white, and blue flowers to fit the theme.