yeti v hydroflask


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yeti v hydroflask

Bottled Up

It's 2022, and since we live in a world where iPhones exist, there's no reason we should still be suffering through room temperature water. Hydro Flask and YETI are two of the biggest brands in the insulated water bottle market, each claiming unbeatable temperature control. Naturally, I grabbed one from each brand and decided to put them to the test.

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Hydro Flask Water Bottle
yeti chug cap water bottle


Each brand has the option for a straw-based upgrade, but YETI's is significantly better.

The fact that Hydro Flask's straw swings on a hinge has two distinct disadvantages. First, you're going to be touching it with your grubby little fingers all the time and that's gross, especially if you are outdoors and surrounded by dirt. Second, as with any gadget, this will eventually wear down and become looser. 

YETI has models with straws, but there is another option as well. The "Chug Cap," which is a name they should change, stays put in a screw-top second layer of the cap, meaning you probably don't have to touch it and it will never wear down.

Hydro Flask


I figured the best way to test each water bottle's cooling capabilities would be to track how quickly a single ice cube melted in each bottle. Placing them both in the sun, I checked back every hour to monitor the progress.

Big surprise! They were exactly the same, and each melted in about six hours. I then moved on to a much higher level of scientific sophistication: Filling each bottle with water, tasting the water, and writing down my subjective opinion. Surprise again! The water tasted exactly the same.

Yeti Rambler 26-Ounce Bottle

The Winner: YETI

Though YETI and Hydro Flask function similarly, YETI has a slight advantage when it comes to price and upgrades. Sorry, Hydro Flask. Talk to me when you've got a chug cap.