Costco Superfans Reveal the Retailer's 'Best Deals'

People with shopping carts filled with groceries goods, products walking out of Costco store in Virginia in parking car lot


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People with shopping carts filled with groceries goods, products walking out of Costco store in Virginia in parking car lot
Costco Gas Station


For most consumers, Costco's gasoline savings are so steep that they more than compensate for the retailer's $60 membership fee. What's more, Costco's gasoline is good for your engine thanks to its additives and detergents.

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Costco Croissants
Costco Business Center


The Costco bakery's cheap croissants are a cult favorite among members and workers, with one superfan calling them "intoxicating." A dozen of the buttery baked goodies costs just $6, or 50 cents per croissant. 

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Costco optical manager
Costco optical manager by yooperann (CC BY-NC-ND)

Prescription Glasses

Most Costco's have an optical department, offering eye exams, contacts, and prescription glasses. Anyone can visit the optical center for an eye exam, though its products are reserved for members. One Redditor claims they saved $600 by getting glasses at Costco.

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Kirkland Allergy Pills

Kirkland Allergy Pills

If you find yourself in sneezing fits every February, consider picking up a year's supply of allergy pills at Costco for less than $10. A bottle of 600 tablets of Kirkland-brand antihistamine sells for just $8.

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Costco Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract

Before you do your holiday baking, be sure to grab some vanilla extract from Costco, which costs around $10. One Redditor writes that they "couldn't believe how cheap" it is. Vanilla beans are also a great deal at Costco, another superfan adds.

Kirkland Pumpkin Pie
Kirkland Thai Jasmine Rice

Kirkland Thai Jasmine Rice

Thai jasmine rice should be a pantry staple if you're a Costco member, as bags sell for $25, or around $1 per pound. "The Costco rice is really forgiving if you accidentally add too much water," a superfan adds. 

Kirkland maple syrup

Kirkland Maple Syrup

A bottle of maple syrup can cost more than some wines. Luckily, pancake and waffle lovers who shop at Costco can snag a bottle of the liquid gold for just $15.

Kirkland brand pesto

Kirkland Pesto

With its blend of aged parmesan cheese, labor-intensive pine nuts, and countless leaves of basil, imported pesto can be a luxury for some shoppers. That said, Costco sells a large 22-ounce jar of Genovese pesto for just $11, or around 50 cents an ounce.

Costco Rotisserie Chicken
Tim Y./Yelp

Rotisserie Chicken

Costco's legendary rotisserie chicken can feed a small army for just $5. The loss leader is among the store's most economical food items and is perfect for a quick, affordable meal.