Video: Time Lapse Shows Costco Shoppers Snapping Up Pumpkin Pies

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If you’ve ever doubted Costco shoppers’ fanaticism, just take a look at the hype around the retailer’s pumpkin pie. Shoppers literally count down the days until the fall treat’s arrival, and when the pies finally arrive, hundreds members descend on the bakery. That fall feeding frenzy is on display in a recent time-lapse video, which shows just how popular Costco pumpkin pies are.

In the 20-second clip, viewers see shoppers quickly clear a display filled with at least 500 pumpkin pies (likely more) over the course of a day. The video received nearly 700,000 views on TikTok and more than 20,000 upvotes on Reddit’s r/BeAmazed subreddit.

Redditors are particularly fanatical about the pies, which are an annual hit with r/Costco members.

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In a popular post from two years ago, a Redditor posted a photo of a single 7,300-pie order. In that thread, a former Costco baker wrote that they would spend “hours just opening cans” of pumpkin to bake the pies. “For several years, I could not handle the smell or taste of pumpkin pie!” they added.

While the price varies, Costco’s pie sells for $6 in Los Angeles and measures around 11 inches in diameter, or 2 inches larger than a standard pie pan. The mammoth dessert weighs nearly 4 pounds.

Kirkland Pumpkin PiePhoto credit: Cheapism

In the subreddit’s most recent popular pie post, a member shared that they were eating the “monster-sized” treat for breakfast.

“Best pumpkin pie in the whole world!” a superfan commented alongside heart emoticons.

Sam’s Club, Costco’s largest competitor, sells pumpkin pies for a dollar more at $7.

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