Costco Superfans Reveal Their Favorite Kirkland Brand Liquor

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Saving on Spirits

From Kirkland’s award-winning laundry detergent to its oddly familiar coffee (it’s Starbucks), Costco’s in-house label often represents the best of Costco — and the liquor is no exception. In a post to the popular Costco subreddit, the retailer’s superfans revealed their favorite Kirkland liquors. We’ve listed the most popular choices among Reddit users so home bartenders can stock up before their next gathering.

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Kirkland Signature Blended Canadian Whisky
Kirkland Signature Añejo Tequila
Kirkland Speyside Scotch
Kirkland Signature Vodka

Kirkland Vodka

VICE debunked the myth that Kirkland Vodka is rebranded Grey Goose, though they do share the same water source. Nevertheless, Costco’s vodka is a favorite among Redditors, and it’s far cheaper than most name-brand competitors. “The vodka is probably the best you can get for the price,” one Costco shopper commented.

costco kirkland brand cognac

Kirkland XO Cognac

This blended cognac receives high marks for its delicate flavor that features hints of oak, vanilla, and citrus. Cognac Expert gives it a 76/100, writing that Kirkland cognac “has surprised drinkers around the world with its delicate yet standout flavor profile and pleasing price tag.”

Kirkland Signature Irish Cream

Kirkland Irish Cream

Kirkland Irish Cream got several shoutouts on Reddit. One Costco superfan said that they either drink it straight or mix it in with hot cocoa or ice cream.

costco kirkland brand gin

Kirkland Gin

While some speculate that Kirkland gin is really Bombay Sapphire, Thrillist reports that DC Flynt MW Selections is the producer behind this popular liquor. Multiple Redditors recommended the dry gin, which tastes great in mixed drinks.