Costco's Kirkland Spiced Rum vs Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

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Does Costco's Kirkland alcohol beat brand name? These friends are on a mission to bring you the answer.

In the trending “Can It Kirkland?” TikTok series with over 20 million views, a group of buddies see if they can tell the difference between Kirkland and brand-name alcohol. 

In this video with over 3.5 million views, Kirkland Spiced Rum goes up against Captain Morgan Spiced rum. Can they guess which is which in a blind taste test? 

@neverendingfall Can It Kirkland? The morning was rough after this one. What do you guys want to see next? #costco #fyp #kirkland #xyzbca ♬ original sound - TheNeverEndingFall

The result? Kirkland is practically interchangeable with Captain Morgan for taste.

In the series, the friends compare multiple Kirkland alcohol options, such as Irish Whiskey versus Jameson, (and who won might surprise you.)

@neverendingfall Can it Kirkland? Suprised how many of us got this wrong. What should we do next? #costco #fyp #kirkland #xyzbca #spicedrum ♬ original sound - TheNeverEndingFall

Viewers can't get enough of the hilarious series, with comments on everything from the catchy theme song  ("It's the Kirkland version of Taylor Swift") to whether the results are correct ("I don’t exactly understand if they win or lose if they can Kirkland"). Cheapism also has weighed in on whether to love it or leave it when it comes to Kirkland alcohol versus brand name — why go costly when you can go Costco?

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