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Luxe Bidet W85

While Luxe's W85 doesn't come with fancy bells and whistles, it's an easy-to-install attachment that's ideal for bidet-curious consumers.

Even after years of toilet paper supremacy, the rise of the bidet has been swift in the U.S. I see them at friends’ houses, plastered on billboards in Beverly Hills, and across social media. And it’s all thanks to the pandemic toilet paper shortage

In March 2020, when the TP panic was at its peak, Google searches for “bidet” surged to their highest level ever, leading to a marked increase in sales. Even then, I saw bidets as expensive, fussy little gadgets to avoid. But when a public relations rep offered to send me a cheap bidet attachment, I was cautiously optimistic. A bidet for just $34? Sure, why not. After having used the Luxe Bidet W85 for a month, I can confidently choose a side: Bidets rock.

Best Price: $34 from Walmart

Who Should Buy This?

I’d recommend this bidet attachment to almost anyone. The only people who shouldn’t buy the Luxe are consumers who 1) have enough money to buy a better model and 2) people who prefer toilet paper. Otherwise, the Luxe Bidet W85 is perfect for bidet-curious folks who want to get their feet (and tushy) wet before dropping $400 on a Toto Washlet C5.

What We Liked

Before the Luxe W85 arrived, I had my doubts. After all, it is one of the cheapest bidet attachments on the market, and given my skills as a handyman, I could see the installation ending with a desperate call to a plumber. But when I followed the included instructions (there are videos online, too), I had the Luxe W85 set up in just 10 minutes. And the only tool I needed was a butter knife (I didn’t have a flathead screwdriver). 

This is all to say that installing the Luxe W85 was so easy that even an inept, toolless idiot like me can do it. More importantly, the bidet works great and is easy to use. You select where you want the stream (front or back), then adjust the water pressure. That’s it.

What We Didn’t Like

That’s not to say that the Luxe W85 couldn’t be better. This is a $30 bidet attachment, not a $400 washlet with a heated seat, warm water, air dryer, and programmable settings. The biggest missing feature was being able to adjust where the bidet shot its stream of water. While the placement seemed reasonably accurate, sometimes I found myself adjusting my position on the toilet seat to hit the sweet spot. 

The Luxe W85 also looks and feels cheap. The fake chrome dials look tacky, and I can see how they might not hold up after years and years of use. But as someone who’s used a remote-controlled Kohler C3-325, I can say that I almost prefer the Luxe W85 for its simplicity. With the 85, you don’t have to mess around with a remote or worry about the electronic internals breaking because the system is simple: You turn a dial, water shoots out, and you’ve got a clean bum.

What Consumers Think

Reviews on Walmart’s website (the W85 is a Walmart exclusive) are extremely positive, averaging 4.9 stars with more than 8,000 reviews. Most consumers found the bidet attachment easy to install and simple to use. Critical reviewers complained most often about the water pressure and temperature. I, too, found the stream to be strong but learned to barely turn the dial to get the perfect stream. As for the cold water, yeah, it’s not super comfortable. But I got used to it and no longer mind.

Luxe Bidet W85 (top)Photo credit: Cheapism / Maxwell Shukuya

TLDR: Pros and Cons


  • Affordable

  • Easy setup (no tools required)

  • Easy to use

  • Adjustable stream

  • Self-cleaning feature

  • Front and rear wash

  • Attaches to existing toilet and toilet seat

  • Save money on toilet paper


  • Looks cheap and tacky

  • Lacks stream and water temperature controls

  • Doesn’t come with bells and whistles

  • Water pressure is high

Evaluating the Competition

You won’t find the Luxe W85 at the top of any review lists. There are just better bidet attachments out there, such as Tushy’s lineup. And if you have the cash to burn, it makes a lot of sense to invest in something like a Tushy Classic or even a Toto C100 washlet.

What To Look For

What you should look for in a bidet will vary drastically based on your desired features and budget. But since you're a Cheapism reader, I'll assume you want something cheap and functional. In that case, I encourage you to buy a bidet that's easy to install. There are tons of these on the market, so I'd read customer reviews and feedback from outlets like Wirecutter before settling on a model.

Luxe Bidet W85 (nozzle)Photo credit: Cheapism / Maxwell Shukuya

The Bottom Line

If you want to try a bidet but don’t want to spend a ton of money, you shouldn’t hesitate to pick up the Luxe 85. It’s easy to install, doesn’t require any tools or extra attachments, and does what it’s supposed to. I’m not saying you need one; toilet paper works just fine. But I’d say bidets provide plenty of benefits — including potential savings on toilet paper.

Our Process

Although a public relations representative sent me a free Luxe W85 bidet, I critically tested and reviewed this model for a month before providing feedback. Cheapism is also editorially independent, meaning that we don’t accept payment from retailers or manufacturers in exchange for recommending or discussing their products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bidet?

Invented in France in the 1600s, the bidet is a bathroom fixture that washes your private parts in lieu of toilet paper. Today, there are several types of bidets, from bidet toilets (expensive) to bidet attachments (cheap). Popular brands include Toto, Tushy, Kohler, Luxe, and Bemis.

How does a bidet work?

A bidet uses pressurized water to clean your private parts. Think of it like a shower for your undercarriage. Bidet attachments, like the Luxe W85, connect to your existing toilet and use water pressure (not electricity) to power the spray nozzle.

How do you install the Luxe W85 bidet?

All you have to do is remove your toilet seat and attach the bidet device to your water supply line. While Luxe recommends that you have a flathead screwdriver to remove the seat, I found that a butter knife works well. Once you’ve attached the bidet to the water line and toilet, you put the seat back on.

Are bidets more hygienic?

Not necessarily. Studies have found that their nozzles can be infested with pathogens like Staphylococcus aureus. Similarly, bidets may disrupt the good bacteria that grow in and on your body. That said, a properly maintained and sterilized bidet shouldn’t be a health hazard. Most households in Japan use bidets, and they are common in Europe.

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