10 Best Trader Joe's Gifts for the Holidays, According to Loyal Fans

Trader Joe's Stockings Illustration

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Trader Joe's Stockings Illustration
Cheapism/DALLE-E 3
Trader Joe's Danish Kringle
Trader Joe's Olive Wood Spoon and Cutting Board

2. Olive Wood Cutting Board

Price: $24.99

It’s rare to see kitchen supplies at Trader Joe’s, but when they do arrive in the fall, fans snatch them up. Among one of the most popular seasonal kitchen items is the olive wood cutting and serving board, which returned to stores in October. After receiving the cutting board as a gift, one fan says that they “love” it. And at $24.99, it won't break the bank.

Homemade lip balm
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Trader Joe's candles
Micro tote Trader Joe's

5. Do-It-Yourself Trader Joe’s Gift Bags

Price: varies

If you want to get creative, make your own gift bag full of Trader Joe’s goodies using one of the store’s reusable totes. The idea comes from a Redditor who gives their kids a stuffed bag every year. “I get things I know they'll enjoy but wouldn't normally add to their own grocery cart,” they write. The best part? You won’t have to wrap anything.

(Some shoppers have also pointed out that Trader Joe's coveted mini tote bags — which could make for a fun stocking stuffer or ornament — are appearing in stores once again.)

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

6. Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Price: $4.99

Another go-to stocking stuffer: Trader Joe’s chocolate espresso beans, which accommodate a variety of diets, as they’re dairy- and nut-free.

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Oregon Growers Marionberry Jam Jar
Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's Ginger Bar Soap
Trader Joe's

9. Bar Soap

Price: $3.99

Although the selection changes from year to year, Trader Joe’s often impresses with its exotic soaps, which have included almond-ginger and camel milk-based bars. Another  stocking stuffer that manages to be both premium and affordable.

Honey Hydration Cream Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's

10. Honey Hydration Day and Night Cream Duo

Price: $7.99

Looking for a tried and true option? A Redditor who gifted this limited item — a pack of night and day face cream — said the “recipient really liked” the duo. Reviewers love it too, with one YouTuber commending the creams for how moisturizing they are.