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Ask anybody who’s ever owned a JanSport backpack and they’ll tell you — those things last forever. When Redditor u/hampoule posted in the subreddit r/BuyItForLife about the excellent condition of their nearly 30-year-old JanSport fanny pack (aka waist pack) there were a lot of people that brought some serious JanSport love to the thread. We're with them: Those things last forever. Here’s what they had to say.

How to Clean a JanSport Backpack (or Fanny Pack)

There’s no argument here. That looks brand new. Deeper in the thread, u/hampoule explains that to keep it looking new, “I use Lestoil to remove the spots on mine, let it sit for 10 min, put the bag in a large bucket (like the 5 gal home depot orange bucket) with hot water and stir it for 3-4 min.” 

Definitely did not know that was a thing.

Why do people love JanSport backpacks?

The post took off to almost 100 replies, loaded with users pouring in their love for JanSport. Many, like myself, had a JanSport backpack in their youth that still lives to this day. And if I had any clue where I left it, I'd post a photo to prove it.

"I have my mom's camping backpack from 1988 and it looks better than anything I've bought in my entire lifetime," one Redditor says. "Modern fabric/fast fashion just can't hold up." Love that JanSport is still quietly killing the game.

Jansport Backpacks Have a Lifetime Warranty

With backpacks that last until the end of time like JanSport, you wouldn’t think that they’d need to come with a lifetime warranty (just like some of our other favorite products), but they do, and several Redditors are fired up about it.

While one user confirms the validity, writing, “My backpack from 2007 is falling apart at the seams. but they did honor the lifetime warranty and sent me a new one. I just had to email them a couple pictures,” another admits to a dark truth: “For some reason, I didn't know about their warranty in college and every year, I'd buy a new backpack.” 

Looking to score your own buy-it-for-life backpack or waist pack? You can find some pretty good deals on JanSport gear on Amazon or head straight to the source, the JanSport site.

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