The Best Costco Coffee, According to Superfans

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Costco Coffee

With third-wave coffee joints aplenty, it's hard to find a solid, straightforward cup of coffee these days. Making it at home is one affordable alternative, especially for shoppers who buy in bulk from a discounter like Costco. If you find yourself overwhelmed, consider this list of the best Costco coffee beans, according to superfans on Reddit. Not already a Costco member? You can apply here.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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Pete's Coffee Major Dickinson's Blend

Peet's Major Dickinson's Blend Coffee

$21 (2 pounds) from Instacart

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The Major Dickinson's dark roast blend — from leading coffee industry chain Peet’s — is one of the best coffees from Costco. Despite the roaster’s status as a chain, Peet’s is a far cry from Dunkin’ Donuts ... or even Starbucks. "I make a delicious cold brew with this specific blend!" one Redditor shared. Sadly, this favorite coffee may be limited to Costco shoppers on the West Coast.

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Costco Ethiopian Coffee

Single-Origin Kirkland Signature Coffee

$40 (4 pounds) from

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Costco sells a variety of high-quality coffee beans (pre-ground and whole bean) at different price points. However, the wholesaler's organic single-origin beans come highly recommended on r/Costco. One reviewer on writes that while Costco's organic whole bean coffee can't compare to specialty roasters' offerings, it's "a step in the right direction."

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Mayorga Coffee

Mayorga Café Cubano Roast Organic Coffee

$39 (2 pounds) from

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Harvested in Central and South America, these dark roast beans brew a full-bodied, “strong” cup of Joe. While this original blend isn’t available on, other commenters said they prefer Mayorga's light and medium roasts. Note that ground coffee beans aren’t available.

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Jose's Coffee

Jose's Gourmet Coffee

$22 (3 pounds) from Instacart

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At just over $7 per pound, Jose's coffee beans are an incredible value — and they also receive high marks from Redditors. One commenter said they've been a loyal Jose's fan for years.

San Francisco Bay Coffee Organic Rainforest Blend

San Francisco Bay Coffee - Organic Rainforest Blend

$35 (3.5 pounds) from Instacart

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This Central American blend should appeal to coffee drinkers who enjoy strong, dark roasts, according to one superfan. The roaster's Fog Chaser blend is also fan-approved, but Redditors say it may be difficult to find in stores.

Ruta Maya Coffee Beans

Ruta Maya Coffee

$45 (5 pounds) from

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While in-store availability is limited, shop at Costco online to find a 5-pound bag of these organic beans. Coffee drinkers can appreciate that these shade-grown beans are farmed in partnership with indigenous Mayans in the highlands of Mexico. One Redditor says they’ll drink this blend until they “die or the company changes/stops their medium roast.”

Pinon Coffee Beans

Piñon Coffee

Prices vary

It might be hard to get your hands on a bag of these high-altitude arabica beans. They’re only available in-store at select locations. But as New Mexico’s largest coffee roaster, it’s worth trying Piñon if it’s available. Amazon also sells Piñon coffee.

Starbucks Winter Blend

Starbucks Organic Winter Blend

$23 (2.5 pounds) from

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Even a Starbucks critic commended the chain’s winter blend on Reddit. These organic medium roast beans hail from Latin America and Asia, featuring nutty and earthy notes.

Mount Comfort Peruvian Blend Coffee

Mount Comfort Coffee

Prices vary

Mount Comfort coffee, specifically the Peruvian blend, is “divine,” according to one Redditor. The coffee was so good on its own that this Costco shopper started taking their coffee black. Can't wait to try these beans? You can also order them from Amazon.