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Does anyone else have a "these things need to be returned" pile somewhere in their home? Returning products that didn't fit or just didn't meet your expectations is one of those tasks that seems simple enough, but somehow simultaneously feels like a massive inconvenience,  especially if the return process entails a trip to a customer service desk. 

Retail giants like Target and Walmart have already recognized grocery shopping as one of those unenjoyable errands, offering curbside pickup services to take the task off shoppers' plates. To offer up even more convenience to customers, shoppers can now return items at Target without ever leaving their vehicles.

Target's new return policy is an extension of its curbside service dubbed Drive Up, and convenience isn't the only benefit consumers may reap. Picture this:

You bought a shirt from Target, tried it on at home, and realized you needed the next size up. You head back to the Target customer service desk, hellbent on merely returning the shirt and grabbing the garment in the correct size. 

You complete the return and go to grab the shirt you're after. You make your way back to check out and accidentally add $150 worth of things you swore you wouldn't to your cart. 

With a return policy that confines you to your car, that scenario — which many Target shoppers have found themselves in at least once — might end with a happily ever after for your wallet. 

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Curbside return services recently rolled out at a quarter of Target's 2,000ish stores, and the retailer plans to offer the service across all locations by summer's end.

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