Philips Norelco Multigroom 3000


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Philips Norelco Multigroomer All-in-One Trimmer Series 3000

The Series 3000 is a 13-piece electric shaver from Philips.

Best Price:$22 from Amazon

Also Cheap: $22 from Target

Who Should Buy This?

If the clean-shaven look isn’t for you, electric beard trimmers are the only way to go. Buy this to keep and maintain facial hair. You’re probably not a barber, so don’t buy this to shave your head.

philips norelcoPhoto credit: Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

What We Liked

I went with the lowest setting right onto my bare skin, and I got a perfectly even shave without a single iota of damage to my skin. The shaver is comfortable, easy-to-use, and gentle on your face (as are some of our other favorite beard products).

It’s quick, too — my entire face took about two minutes, tops. The process is easy as can be.

What We Didn’t Like

This has seven different heads that you can attach, depending on what style of shave you’re going for. Some are for stubble, some are for full beards, and others are for your head. I’m not into this, and changing the heads is a little bit annoying.

I’ve used shavers in the past that have a millimeter-by-millimeter adjustment wheel, offering much more precise grooming options. Because there are only a few heads to clip on, you’re locked into the lengths that those provide, rather than being able to choose a more specific length.

It’s also a bummer that this one isn’t fully waterproof. Having to shave your face over the sink creates a much bigger mess than getting it done in the shower.

What Consumers Think

Amazon reviews are off the charts for this thing, with a 4.5 rating based on a whopping 146,000 reviews. This is also “Amazon’s Choice,” which often doesn’t mean much, but the people have spoken: They love this trimmer.

philips norelco series 3000Photo credit: Wilder Shaw / Cheapism

TLDR: Pros and Cons


  • It’s comfortable on your skin and doesn’t cause irritation.

  • The shave is very even.

  • One charge lasts eight hours.


  • No full customization on length — you’re locked into the attachments provided.

  • It’s not waterproof, so you can't take this in the shower.

  • The nose trimming attachment, which is terrifying, doesn’t do much.

Budget and Upgrade Alternatives

Budget Pick

Braun has a trimmer too, and it’s far cheaper. It also comes with the adjustable size wheel that I’m so fond of.

Best Price: $15 from Amazon

Upgrade Pick

If you want to crank up the amount of attachments as well as add body and groin shaving to the mix, go for Philips’ 23-piecer.

Best Price: $100 from Amazon

What To Look For

You’ll want to match your trimmer to the style you’re looking to rock. If you want a bigger beard, make sure your attachments are suited to handle the length you want. If it’s just to maintain some five o’clock shadow, you probably don’t need a huge 13-piece set like this.

the philips norelco beard trimmerPhoto credit: Amazon

The Bottom Line

If you’re good with keeping your facial hair at specific lengths like 1, 3, or 5mm, this is for you. If you think you might wake up one day and want 4mm stubble, you’re out of luck with this thing.

Our Process

I used a few different heads as well as the nose trimmer. Since these are shaving cream-free devices, I took it straight to the dome without even splashing my face first to test the comfort level.

The facial hair shaver worked perfectly on multiple settings, though the nose trimmer was mostly just scary and didn't seem to do much. I’m not dying to stick that loud, whirring machine back in my nose any time soon.

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