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Tito's Handmade Vodka

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Dry January continues to gain in popularity each year as consumers look to put a check on their alcohol consumption. The monthlong decision to abstain from alcohol is promoted by social media influencers swearing to abide by healthier lifestyles, performed as a pact among friends, and taken on privately as a personal resolution.

And now even Tito's Handmade Vodka is getting in on the trend. Of course, a brand as big as Tito's had to bring in a celebrity with a big name to back the marketing move. Tito's, meet Martha Stewart.

The vodka giant joined forces with the lifestyle guru, chef, and Snoop Dogg bestie to showcase some tongue-in-cheek ways you can put your bottle of vodka to use around the house — methods that don't include making a cocktail to sip on while you make dinner. Stewart suggests spraying a bit of Tito's on your stinky boots as a deodorizer, pouring some in a spray bottle and using it as a cleaner (and catching the overspray on your tongue, of course), and adding it to pasta sauce for an extra kick — though we're not sure how that one holds up to the commitment to Dry January.

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As part of the campaign, Tito's began selling a DIY January kit online. The $10 set, which is already sold out, includes toppers, dubbed "the deodorizer," "the flavorizer," and "the cleanerizer," to transform bottles of Tito's into household dispensers. In keeping with the Dry January theme no vodka is included, but for just $10, you probably knew that.

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