7 Clever Uses For Cheap Vodka (Besides Drinking It)

Close-up of beautiful bottles of gin or vodka on a store shelf


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Close-up of beautiful bottles of gin or vodka on a store shelf
Close-up of medicine being poured onto a teaspoon
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cleaning tiles in bathroom with pink cloth

Remove Stickers

Whether from stickers or tape, you can remove adhesive residues with a spritz of vodka, according to one Redditor. And if you have a dark sense of humor, you can horrify guests by spraying some in your mouth while you clean.

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Sprayed air freshener in hand on home interior background

Deodorize Furniture

If you've got a bottle of cheap vodka lying around, you can skip the Febreze. "I have three dogs and sometimes they get the couch or armchair stinky. Put the vodka in a spray bottle and thoroughly dampen the couch. When it dries, it will be much improved," one commenter writes.

Penne Pasta Alla Vodka Italian Dinner

Cook Penne alla Vodka

While it seems odd to pour vodka into a pot of creamy pasta sauce, the alcohol actually intensifies the dish's aromas and flavors. Just be sure to follow a recipe, as too much vodka will overpower the sauce.

Jello Shots

Make Jell-O Shots

OK, so you might not want to drink the cheap vodka ... but what if we added a bit of sugar, gelatin, and a splash of color? With just a few ingredients, you can transform that $10 bottle of vodka into a fun and vibrant party drink.

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Go Fishing

For easy hook removal, take a spray bottle of vodka when you go fishing, Redditors say. If you apply a small amount of vodka to their gills, it "calms the fish" without killing it.