Christmas tree in the back of a pick up truck

Pete Van Vleet/istockphoto

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This time of year, there's seldom a city block in sight without a Christmas tree lot filled with spruces, pines, and firs stacked like sardines in a can, but just because they're available doesn't mean they're accessible. 

Whether your schedule is overloaded ('tis the season, right?), you work odd hours, or your car isn't equipped to cart around a tree, Instacart can help with its same-day tree delivery service available on its app.

Instacart customers can purchase both fresh and artificial trees, and the service delivers their selections on the same day. The service allows customers to "spend more time holiday-ing and less time hauling,” says Daniel Danker, the company's chief product officer. 

Customers can purchase live trees up to 5 feet tall and can opt to have them leveled and trimmed. Artificial trees are available up to 9 feet tall. 

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Instacart tree delivery falls under its big and bulky fulfillment service, aimed at providing same-day delivery of larger items up to 60 pounds. The Instacart app can also be used to purchase tree ornaments and trimmings and other seasonal decorations to make the holiday season all the more seamless.

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