Safe Things That Could Be Lethal When Used Incorrectly


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Definitely Good To Keep This Knowledge In Your Back Pocket.

The reality is that danger in some form or another is always going to be out there, and what's really wild, is that there are all kinds of "safe" products that if used just a bit differently can evolve to be formidably lethal. Something as crucial to survival itself like water, when over-consumed, can become literal poison to your body. 

Hopefully, this AskReddit thread-inspired piece is both informative and not too enlightening, in that you already knew about a bunch of these. 

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Definitely Helpful To Know.

Okay, so duly noted, don't go out and attempt to mindlessly pick ink cap mushrooms if one plans on having any adult beverages later into the evening. The combination could be potentially toxic, according to Science Direct.


Don't Hit That Salt Serving Too Hard.

There you have it: too much salt down the hatch and there's no amount of water and/or Gatorade that can save you. The fatal dose of salt can vary by individual, however, according to a report published in the National Library of Medicine.


This One Should Be Taught In Schools.

Tylenol is absolutely nothing to play around with. When taken too often it can really end up doing a number on your insides, potentially causing liver failure and even death, according to Healthline


One Simply Must Keep A Watchful Eye On That Toast.

Not only should you be invested in keeping a mindful eye on your toast to ensure that said toast achieves optimal levels of "toastery", but when left to its own devices toast can spiral out of control quickly and make a smoky mess. 

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A Quick Yet Hard-Hitting List From This Redditor.

You've probably seen a movie and/or TV show display the intense destruction that can be enacted by hairspray when combined with a lighter. Impromptu flamethrower. 

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Spare Tires Are Nothing To Play Around With.

While the image of a spare tire rolling its way down a highway does take on a certain element of comical absurdity, the damage that can be done very quickly is nothing to take for granted. You've got to handle those spare tires with the utmost care and watch your speed when driving on one. 

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Caffeine Can Really Creep Up On You.

Caffeine can be a slippery slope. One moment you're enjoying a pleasant enough cup of steaming hot coffee in the morning, perhaps with your favorite instrumental jazz playlist crooning in the background, only to realize that you've devolved into a shaky, sweaty, anxiety-ridden mess after going for the next cup that pushed you over the edge.