Jobs That People Think Are 100% Overvalued And Overpaid

Overpaid Jobs Reddit

Cheapism / Ivan-balvan/istockphoto

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Overpaid Jobs Reddit
Cheapism / Ivan-balvan/istockphoto

Some People Are Gifted at Failing Upwards into Paradise

Many of us have that one family member or friend that we find ourselves regularly appalled and mystified over trying to figure out just how they ended up making the money that they do, doing who really knows what? Hopefully, they possess the self-awareness and sense of humor to share in appreciating the mystery. 

This AskReddit thread pays homage to various jobs that people view as being very overvalued and very overpaid. You be the judge on whether or not any of these are actually accurate though. 

(Alternatively, there are also plenty of undervalued and underpaid jobs.)


To Be Fair, The Onion Has Churned Out Brilliance Time And Time Again.

Must've been a fun series of very lively brainstorming sessions. 


The "Michael Scott Theorem" Does Have A Nice Ring To It.

There's obviously an implied spectrum with this. 

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Ah, Yes, The Old Rinse And Repeat.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it?


Not A Bad Gig At All.

The thing about big firms in the first place is that they probably have the resources set aside to at least see what kind of new business can be drummed up. 


A Clever Way To Make Money, For Sure.

Yes, a clever way to generate that cash flow, but also, maybe just a tad bit shady at the same time. 


Might Get Boring, But At Least The Money Isn't.

While it could sound like fun to be able to sit around all day making money, while exerting minimal amounts of effort, at a certain point, life would seem inevitably vulnerable toward losing its color and mystery and overriding excitement. 

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Now, That Just Seems Messed Up.

The fact that they're not usually even medically qualified in the first place adds a distinct flavor of absurdity to this debacle. 


Yeah, But They've Really Got To Lay It On Thick With The Charisma Sometimes.

We're not saying it could be easy to be a realtor, at all. You've probably got to practice that meticulously polished artificial smile enough times until it looks close enough to the real thing, and actually convince someone to invest in a new living space