7 Easy Jobs For Workers Who Are 'Burnt Out'

young Business woman sleeping by closing laptop while working, concept of new normal burnout, over or late night work at home during coronavirus covid-19 pandemic

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young Business woman sleeping by closing laptop while working, concept of new normal burnout, over or late night work at home during coronavirus covid-19 pandemic
lakshmiprasad S/istockphoto

Sick and Tired

The global pandemic and a wave of unionizations have completely changed how we think and talk about labor in the past few years. The Great Resignation and quiet quitting, trends emblematic of this shift, point to a growing sense that workers won't settle for low wages and exploitative bosses. That sentiment is particularly present on r/AntiWork, a 2.4-million-strong community of Redditors who seek to "problematize work as we know it today." If that sounds appealing — and you're tired of the grind — then these r/anti-work-approved jobs might be the perfect antidote. One caveat: While most of these jobs don't require much experience, many don't pay well or offer great benefits.

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Hotel staff workers
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Hotel Laundry Attendant

Average Salary: $33,642

If "mindless" and "chill" are words you'd use to describe your dream job, consider applying to work in a hotel laundry room. According to one former laundry attendant, they folded laundry all day and were able to watch television and listen to podcasts, music, and audiobooks during every shift.

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Cleaning up a theather


Average Salary: $34,356

One Redditor shares that working the night shift as a janitor is "one of the best jobs" they've ever had thanks to the solitary, self-guided work. Like a laundry attendant, janitors can often listen to music, and unlike customer service jobs, they don't have to deal with rude shoppers.

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Security Guard

Average Salary: $36,017

Look for industrial, residential, or other desk security jobs for simple, low-stress work, Redditors advise. One former security guard says that they had so much free time over their 12-year stint that they could play video games and start work on a book. The only problem? The pay was low, the benefits were subpar, and there was no room for growth.

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Lighthouse Keeper

Average Salary: $36,313

If you're drawn to picturesque vistas, the smell of brine, and complete solitude, then this could be the perfect job. However, openings for lighthouse keepers are few and far between, and the unusual qualifications (like a U.S. Coast Guard boat operator's license) can be prohibitive.

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Man pours paint into the tray and dips roller. Professional interior construction worker pouring white color paint to tray.


Average Salary: $41,987

"My happiest friend is a painter at a local university," one commenter shares, adding that he receives the benefits of a government job. Another Redditor who owns a small painting company adds that while the "business end" can be stressful, painters spend the majority of their time working alone. Again, that's good news for podcast, audiobook, and music fans. "I make my own schedule, don't have anyone to answer to other than myself, and I make very good money," they write.

Happy Hardware Store Salesperson

Hardware Store Sales Associate

Average Salary: $53,263

Multiple Redditors recommended working at a small, independently owned hardware store. Unlike other retail jobs, "there is no high pressure to sell," one Redditor explains, as "most people come to a hardware store because they already need something." Combine that with the "meditative" work of checking inventory, and it starts to sound pretty ideal. That said, some former hardware store workers said that the work can be poorly compensated and intense, especially if you work at a popular location.

Man using a storage unit.
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Self-Storage Facility Manager

Average Salary: $91,128

Working at a self-storage facility means lots of alone time, and some positions even include paid on-site housing, according to one Redditor. "Working for a storage unit was my most chill job. I really miss it," a commenter writes, though they also add that they couldn't afford to live on their low wage.