Hard Life Truths Millennials Already Understand (but Gen Z Doesn't...Yet)


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Millennials Were Ready For This One.

This is just the kind of AskReddit thread that was guaranteed to get folks riled up. Since the dawn of time itself, it would seem that generations separated by age gaps and the differing trends that go with living through different periods of time can inspire some wildly different outlooks on what's good and right in life. 

So, when you ask millennials for instance, about what they foresee Gen Z as not being ready to accept and understand yet, you better believe that the responses are going to come out nice and spicy. 


Thank Goodness Social Media Isn't Reality.

It would be a very terrifying world out there if all the madness that pops up on various social media platforms were in fact an accurate representation of reality as we know it. 


No Big Need To Unpack This Here One.

At least for now, it would appear that we're all going to be old at one point or another (at least according to The Simpsons). 


This One's Bound To Stir Up The Pot.

There are some folks that are sure to agree with these pointers, and there are some others that are going to have none of this. 


Discomfort Isn't Fun Though.

Another one that's sure to get folks riled on up. 


Tough Love.

They were certainly ready to sound off on Gen Z. 


It Is Okay To Have Differing Opinions.

There is definitely a time and.a place for the kind of charged discourse that can come from folks being okay and confident enough in themselves to respectfully hash it out. 


"It's Just A Prank, Bro."

The amount of videos that circulate the internet that are solely dedicated to misusing the meaning of the word prank is incredibly discouraging. 


We Don't Need To Follow All The Side Quests.

Social media and its various platforms can inspire positive change and inspire folks, but it can also easily devolve into a place where too many people are completely overtaken and blind to inflated phases of full-fledged egotism. 


Accountability Can Be Huge.

Anyone willing to accept that they just might've been a part of the problem is definitely helping shift the tide in a more encouraging direction. 


Talking In Real Person?

But with all of the AI-generative text apps that are readily available at our disposal, and all the apps that we can doomscroll our way into a zombified oblivion, why would we need face-to-face interactions?


Tech-Savvy Can Mean Very Different Things To Different Folks.

You've really got to put the effort in nowadays to remain ahead of the tech-savvy curve.