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There might not be a bowling ball rolling down the porch railing on its way to activate an elaborate gate-opening contraption to greet you as you approach this two-story Victorian-style home, but you will see a "For Sale" sign in the yard of the house that was made famous by the cult-classic movie "The Goonies." 

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If you've seen "The Goonies," this Astoria, Oregon home is undoubtedly familiar to you — but the house on the market today doesn't sport an identical appearance to the at-risk-of-eviction movie home you might recall. The exterior on the 1896 home has since been repainted and the interior has seen some updates too, and Chunk's truffle shuffle isn't enough to get you through the front door unless you pull out $1.65 million afterward. 

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The 2,336-square-foot house was listed by Jordan Miller of John L. Scott Real Estate nearly 40 years after the family-friendly adventure movie burst onto the scene and cemented itself in pop culture. We're just wondering if the nostalgic soul with deep pockets and an affinity for bay views who buys this piece of movie history will invite their friends over to hang out in the attic before venturing off to find One-Eyed Willy's treasure.

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