Halves of fresh avocado on a cutting board.

Olesia Shadrina/istockphoto

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You might have to carpool with co-workers you dislike to offset the high cost of gas, eat Hamburger Helper for dinner three nights a week to cope with rising grocery costs, or perhaps even live in your parent's basement because you can't afford your own place anymore. But there is a silver lining: The price of avocados has dropped. 

The overall price of groceries has risen 13% above last year's costs, adding to shoppers' stress as they search for bargains on grocery store shelves. But thanks to a bumper crop of avocados, there's an oversupply of the fruit leading to a 35% year-over-year drop in wholesale prices to under $30 a carton, down a whopping 67% from June's peak prices. And the lower prices may not be fleeting. According to analysts, shoppers can expect lower avocado prices until at least mid-2023.

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So, though it's no longer uncommon to see a bag of Doritos selling for as much as $6 or a gallon of milk priced double what it was a year ago, you can add avocado toast back into your frugal food rotation.

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