11 Things to Buy in June (and 1 to Skip)

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Warm weather, wedding season, and hurricane season all bring discounts in June. Consumers will find sales on things like gym memberships as well as continuing specials on some items that were good deals in May. Here's a look at what to buy in June.
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June signals the onset of hurricane season and sweltering temperatures in the Caribbean. For travelers willing to take their chances with the weather, this is the perfect time to scoop up deals on cruises and tropical vacation packages.
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Mid-June marks the end of the off-season for travel to Alaska, a popular summer destination. Travelers who visit this month can still find discounts and marvel at the midnight sun -- the longest day of the year falls in June.
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As the temperatures climb and people move their workouts outside, June sales surface at gyms and health clubs that are running hard to sign up new members. Consumers who enjoy haggling should be able to negotiate a larger than normal discount on a gym membership.
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With more people wanting to get into swimsuit shape, retailers offer rock-bottom prices on fitness apparel. Think shoes, clothes, and accessories for the gym or outdoor workouts.
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Victoria's Secret's famed semi-annual sale kicks off this month, bringing deals from the lingerie giant -- and from its competitors. With cheap gym memberships also available in June, now is the time to acquire a few new pieces to complement a newly toned body.
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Father's Day falls on June 19, and while there aren't many sales on traditional Father's Day gifts, national restaurant chains often advertise deals on dinner out -- think buy-one-get-one entrées. Take advantage to treat dad this Father's Day without spending an arm and a leg.
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May ushered in deep discounts on cookware, between Mother's Day and the dawn of wedding season, and many of those deals continue through June. Prices on dishware also start dropping as wedding season gains momentum. Dishes and cookware make practical graduation gifts for young adults moving out on their own.
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The absolute best deals on tools are typically found in October or November, but a few bargains emerge around Father's Day. Take advantage of the discounts for summer DIY projects that call for power tools or a coat of paint.
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Beat the heat and enjoy a movie for less this month. June signals the onslaught of summer blockbusters. Big budgets and an audience with extra time on its hands spur movie ticket discounts, free preview passes, and even some freebies when buying tickets.
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June brings the fresh fruit and vegetable boom, an ideal time to get in the habit of buying local produce. Depending where you live, the fruits to buy include melons (watermelon and cantaloupe), berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries), and stone fruits (apricots, peaches, and nectarines). Kick off the grilling season with sales on the first crop of sweet corn, summer squash, green beans, and tomatoes, plus lettuce and cucumber for salads.
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This buying guide would not be complete without mentioning one major food holiday in June: National Doughnut Day, which falls on June 3 this year. Be on the lookout for free glazed goodness from places such as Krispy Kreme, Dunkin' Donuts, and Tim Hortons.
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Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of grilling season, but hold off on a new model until after July 4, when retailers start turning their focus to fall and slash prices on summer goods, including grills and patio furniture.