These 22 States Just Raised Their Minimum Wage To Kick Off 2024

Federal Minimum Wage in the US Increase 2024 AI-generated

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Federal Minimum Wage in the US Increase 2024 AI-generated
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If you feel like you can't afford anything nowadays, you're not alone. Wages in the U.S. have long been a topic of contention — especially when they struggle to keep pace with inflation and the rising costs of living. Over the years, this disparity has only grown more pronounced, making it even more difficult for workers (especially those surviving on minimum wage) to afford basic necessities, let alone other essentials like housing, healthcare, and education. 

But it's looking up in 2024. While the federal minimum wage has been capped at $7.25 since 2009, 22 states raised their own minimum wages on January 1. (Talk about a belated Christmas miracle!) Additional cities raised wages even further, while three other states — Florida, Nevada, and Oregon — will raise their minimum wage later in the year.

Is your city or state on the list? Here are all the details. 

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1. Alaska: $11.73

The picturesque state has increased its minimum wage from $10.85 in 2023 to $11.73. Since Alaska's economy is heavily reliant on industries like oil, fishing, and tourism, it can be subject to fluctuations like seasonal and weather changes. The Last Frontier's rugged terrain and remote locations also result in higher living expenses, especially in terms of transportation and access to goods and services.

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2. Arizona: $14.35

Arizona set its new minimum wage at $14.35, up from $13.85 last year. Meanwhile, Flagstaff further raised its minimum wage to $17.20 to account for the city's higher cost of living. Go AZ! 

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3. California: $16

The Golden State, known for its exorbitant prices — especially in major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco — raised its minimum wage to $16 (up from $15.50 in 2023). The following cities in the state also raised their own minimum wages to further account for inflation: 

  • Belmont: $17.35
  • Burlingame: $17.03
  • Cupertino: $17.75
  • Daly City: $16.62
  • East Palo Alto: $17.10
  • El Cerrito: $17.92
  • Foster City: $17
  • Half Moon Bay: $17.01
  • Hayward: $16.90
  • Los Altos: $17.75
  • Menlo Park: $16.70
  • Mountain View: $18.75
  • Novato: $16.86
  • Oakland: $16.50
  • Palo Alto: $17.80
  • Petaluma: $17.45
  • Redwood City: $17.70
  • Richmond: $17.20
  • San Carlos: $16.87
  • San Diego: $16.85
  • San Jose: $17.55
  • San Mateo: $17.06
  • Santa Clara: $17.75
  • Santa Rosa: $17.45
  • Sonoma: $17.60
  • South San Francisco: $17.25
  • Sunnyvale: $18.55
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4. Colorado: $14.42

The Centennial State, known for its mountainous backdrop and thriving ski scene, raised its minimum wage from $13.65 to $14.42 in 2024. Denver, in particular, has seen a population boom in recent years (trust me, I live here), with more than 264,000 people moving into the city in 2022. The following three cities and counties in Colorado also boosted their minimum wage:

  • Boulder County: $15.69
  • Denver: $18.29
  • Edgewater: $15.02

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5. Connecticut: $15.69

Connecticut increased its minimum wage from $15 to $15.69. According to a study by Movoto, living expenses in the state are approximately 12% higher than the U.S. average, making it the sixth most expensive state (it even surpassed neighboring New York in terms of living costs). 

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Lewes, Delaware

6. Delaware: $13.25

Delaware saw one of the largest boosts in minimum wage, with a bump from $11.75 to $13.25. Also, did you know that Delaware is known as "The First State" because it became the first of 13 original states to ratify the U.S. Constitution? Am I the only one who found that interesting? Anyway, moving on ...

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7. Hawaii: $14

With its new minimum wage set at $14 (up from $12), the Aloha state acknowledges the high cost of living on its idyllic islands, which is among the highest in the country. Guess living in paradise really does come with a hefty price tag. **cries tears of poverty**

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8. Illinois: $14

Illinois increased its minimum wage from $13 to $14 — a move that is particularly significant in urban areas like Chicago, where living costs are substantially higher (about 30%) compared to other regions in the state.

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9. Maine: $14.15

Maine's minimum wage is now $14.15, up from $13.80 last year. This increase is part of the state's commitment to ensuring a fair wage that keeps up with the cost of living, especially in its growing urban centers like Portland and Cape Elizabeth. 

But wait, if you live in Portland, there is more good news: The city's minimum wage was further raised to $15. 

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10. Maryland: $15

Maryland has raised its minimum wage to $15, up from $13.25. The sizable increase is particularly impactful in the state's economically diverse areas. It benefits workers in rapidly growing cities like Baltimore and Ocean City, as well as in rural regions such as Allegany, Dorchester, and Frederick.

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11. Michigan: $10.33

While Michigan's minimum wage rose only slightly from $10.10 to $10.33, it still comes as welcome news for its workforce — especially in Detroit's auto industry, which has long been a cornerstone of the state's economy. 

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12. Minnesota: $10.85

In Minnesota, the minimum wage is now set at $10.85, up from $10.59. The cost of living in the state is about 3% lower than the national average. To help offset the disparity in living costs, the following cities further raised their minimum wage:

  • Minneapolis: $15.57
  • St. Paul: $15.57

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13. Missouri: $12.30

Missouri, known for being an agricultural stronghold, increased its minimum wage from $12 to $12.30. Compared to other regions in the U.S., Missouri is the sixth cheapest state to live in, according to financial advisement site Unbiased

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14. Montana: $10.30

Montana's minimum wage was raised to $10.30, up from $9.95 in 2023. The state's economy, which is largely influenced by agriculture and mining, is about 4% more expensive than the national average. But if it's anywhere as beautiful as what's portrayed on "Yellowstone," then a visit is in order. 

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16. New Jersey: $15.13

The Garden State increased its minimum wage from $14.13 to $15.13 for workers employed at companies with six or more employees. The state's high cost of living (13% higher than the national average) — especially in urban areas — and its proximity to major metropolitan centers was likely a key deciding factor in the boost. 

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17. New York: $15

The Empire State raised its minimum wage from $14.20 to $15 — and, more substantially, to $16 in New York City. Home to the Big Apple, the state has become synonymous with expensive. From lavish dinners to routine celebrity sightings, the real ones know you need a pretty penny to afford living there. 

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18. Ohio: $10.45

Ohio's minimum wage is now $10.45, up from $10.10. Compared to other regions, the state's cost of living is significantly lower at 11% below the national average, according to a study by Unbiased. 

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19. Rhode Island: $14

Rhode Island increased its minimum wage from $13 to $14. The state is known for its thriving boating and fishing scene on its extensive coastline. According to The Providence Journal, the state rakes in approximately $419 million each year in recreational fishing and tourism. 

Portrait of Abraham Lincoln on Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

20. South Dakota: $11.20

South Dakota's minimum wage was raised to $11.20 in 2024, up from $10.80. The state, which is perhaps best known for being home to Mount Rushmore, depends largely on its agriculture and manufacturing sectors. 

Fall Colors Around the State House and Downtown Buildings in Montpelier, Vermont

21. Vermont: $13.67

Vermont raised its minimum wage from $13.18 to $13.67, which is still pretty low given the state's soaring costs of living. Despite being quite small, Vermont is ranked as one of the most expensive states in the U.S, with living costs approximately 17% higher than the national average. 

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22. Washington: $16.28

Washington state bumped its minimum wage to $16.28, up from $15.74. The state is known for having an extremely high cost of living, especially in metropolitan areas and tech hubs like Seattle and Bellevue. Housing costs in the state are a staggering 28% higher than the national average. The minimum wage was also further raised in the following cities:

  • SeaTac: $19.71
  • Seattle: $19.97
  • Tukwila: $20.29