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With its goosebump-inducing score and dramatic gold and black silhouetted images set against the opening credits, "Yellowstone" is about to make its triumphant return. When the new season debuts on November 13, diehard fans and first-time viewers alike will have to figure out where to watch "Yellowstone" without cable. (Spoiler: It's not available on the show network's app, Paramount+.) We checked out each streaming service's access to the beloved show to find out where to watch it, highlighting some of the most affordable ways to get in on the action.

Where to Watch 'Yellowstone' for Free


You can catch live episodes of "Yellowstone" season five on Philo — and, as an added bonus, the streaming service offers a free, one-week trial for new subscribers. As a bonus on top of a bonus, you'll also find the four previous seasons through the service. It's one of the more cost effective options, with a monthly charge of $25 after the trial expires and more than 60 channels included. 


Take a week off from work to watch "Yellowstone" from sun up until sun down on Fubo and you just might be able to cram the first four seasons (and the premier of season five) into your week-long free trial. After that, you can continue watching live episodes of the new season as they debut, but you'll have to pay $70 a month to do so.

YouTube TV

Most streaming services will dole out week-long free trials, knowing that the average person will likely forget to cancel that subscription before they get charged for it. YouTube TV is just a little bit more generous and grants new subscribers a two-week free trial. Sign up for the trial on the day the new season premiers, and you'll be able to catch the first two episodes of "Yellowstone" on the house. But if you want to watch "Yellowstone" in its entirety, you'll need to keep looking: You can only stream the live episodes on YouTube TV, so unless you catch reruns, there's no guarantee you'll be able to watch all of the seasons. After the trial period, new users will pay $55 for the first three months before the price settles into its normal rate of $65 per month.


If you're trying to find where to watch "Yellowstone" for the best value, Peacock is the cheap champ — unless you want to watch the new season as it debuts, rather than waiting until shortly after it finishes airing. If you can hold out, Peacock promises to be kind to your bank account. Users can watch the first episode of the hit show free of charge, while the rest of the show through season four is included in the streaming service's premium plan at $5 per month.

Where to Watch the New Season of 'Yellowstone'

Hulu + Live TV

Bargain hunters aren't likely to be tickled pink by the cost of Hulu + Live TV (and the service doesn't even hand out a free trial), but the service does come with a bundle that includes Disney+ and ESPN+ for $75 per month — a price that's set to jump up another $5 on December 8. Subscribers can watch episodes live as they air, but they won't be able to access previous seasons unless they're being shown as reruns on live TV. Pro tip: Paramount broadcasts a marathon of the show leading up to the premier of each new season, and you can record the episodes if you're a Hulu + Live TV subscriber.

Prime Video

Prime members can purchase parts one and two of the new season of "Yellowstone" for just under $38, giving them access to each episode as they air, once per week. The service also allows members to buy episodes one at a time, although the by-the-episode prices for the new season aren't available until the premier. 


Like Amazon Prime, Vudu also offers users the opportunity to buy the entire season, but the service instead offers the season in two separate parts, which cost $15 a piece.

Where to Watch Seasons 1-4 of 'Yellowstone' 

Prime Video

You can buy any of the first four seasons of "Yellowstone" in their entirety on Prime Video; the service also allows you to buy individual episodes. There's no standard pricing format, but some episodes cost as little as 75 cents while the going rate for a whole season is closer to $20, depending on the season. If you want the show in DVD format, you can buy it outright on Amazon for $40. 


You can buy seasons 1-4 on Vudu, and each season costs $15. 


If you're not interested in signing up for yet another subscription service, you can buy the DVD disc set, which includes seasons 1-4, for $37 at Walmart.

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