10 Bathroom Products Made in America That Are Totally Worth It

Aquatic Bath Tub, Aunt Sadie's Candle, Davids Toothpaste

Cheapism/Aquatic/Aunt Sadie's/Davids

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Aquatic Bath Tub, Aunt Sadie's Candle, Davids Toothpaste
Cheapism/Aquatic/Aunt Sadie's/Davids

All-American Bathroom

A towel is just a towel, and who cares where your toothpaste is from, right? Not necessarily. There are valid reasons to shop products that are made in the USA. Supporting American companies helps support jobs and, therefore, the economy. Plus, safety standards in the United States ensure that your product isn’t loaded with toxic chemicals. 

For something you use in the bathroom, American-made seems like a good idea. These bathroom items are made right here in the great United States, and are worth your hard-earned dollars.

Towels By GUS Grand Teton Collection, Luxury American Made Cotton Premium Bath Towels
Towels By GUS

1. Fluffy, Cotton Towels

If you can’t remember the last time you bought new towels, it might be time for a refresh. Towels By GUS are made from 100% cotton grown in America. The brand offers a range of colors and sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your bathroom.

Colonial Mills Cape Eden Oval Rugs
Colonial Mills

2. A Homey Braided Rug

Colonial Mills is known for braided wool rugs with a quaint, old-fashioned vibe. They work in many rooms besides the bathroom, as well. The brand has been making its products, which include decorative storage baskets and stair treads, in the U.S. since 1977. Its headquarters is located in Rhode Island, which is considered the birthplace of America’s textile industry.

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Mike + Ally Taj Gemstone Labradorite Bath Accessories
Mike + Ally

3. Big City Bath Accessories

A stay in a New York City hotel may be out of reach. But your home bathroom can have the same exact look with products from Mike + Ally. The brand makes bathroom accessories that are hand built in New York City. They’ve been around since 1991, and feature stones and semi-precious ornaments in their designs.

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Aquatic Effie Freestanding Bath Tub, White

4. An All-American Bath Tub

Maybe you haven’t thought much about getting a new bathtub from an American supplier, but Aquatic Bath makes a strong case for buying a U.S.-made product. The company touts how their manufacturing processes allow them to keep a close eye on quality, allowing for an item that lasts longer and is a better value in the long run.

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Davids Natural Toothpaste, Several Tubes

5. Toothpaste in a Tin Tube

Most bathrooms have toothpaste, yes. But not every bathroom has all-American toothpaste. Davids isn’t only unique for its American-made status, though. The brand’s toothpaste is made from ingredients that are all sourced from nature, such as peppermint and baking soda. They’re packaged in sustainable metal tubes that look great on a shelf.

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Red Land Cotton Cotton Bath Set, White
Red Land Cotton

6. Southern-Made Towels

Red Land Cotton is another made-in-the-USA towel option. The company also sells sheets, tabletop items, and even a selection of apparel. All the brand’s products are made from cotton sourced from Northern Alabama, where the same family has been farming for three generations.

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Dakota + Pine Design Co. 'If You Pee on the Seat' Toilet Sign

7. A Sign Over Your Toilet

A silly bathroom sign can truly be the piece de resistance in bathroom decor. Faire offers a number of options all made right in America. Some signs are sweet, but others are downright comical. Our favorite? “Put the lid down, the dog has a drinking problem.”

Emerson Creek Pottery Bathroom Accessory Set
Emerson Creek Pottery

8. Folksy Bathroom Sets

The gorgeous soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and jars from Emerson Creek Pottery are “keep forever” quality. All pieces are made by artisans in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains, and use non-toxic ingredients from North American suppliers. They’re also dishwasher safe, a boon for a sanitary bathroom.

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Apple Valley Natural Soaps
Apple Valley Natural Soap

9. Luxe Soaps

Apple Valley soaps give the vibe of an item you’d pick up from a local artisan at the farmer’s market. The Minnesota-based company offers a huge range of products, from seasonal soaps to skincare. Think perfect host/hostess gift.

Aunt Sadie's Fresh Cut Grass Premium Scented Candle
Aunt Sadie's

10. Handmade Candles

The finishing touch in your bathroom? Scented candles that set the mood. Aunt Sadie’s is made in Lunenburg, Vermont, and the range of scents offers something for everyone. From calming lavender to a bubbly Champagne to even a pipe tobacco scent, all of the products are all-natural.

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