Frosted glass windows


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All sorts of trends take the internet by storm. There was the feta and tomatoes recipe, the Wednesday Addams dance, and the weird sound that made cats come to you. Now, we have a new contender — one that wants you to slop Elmer's glue all over your windows. And, weirdly, it isn't bad (apparently). 

"TikTok made me do it" is how the video starts, and from the get-go you can tell that TikToker givinghelly isn't completely convinced it's a great idea. "I'm putting Elmer's glue on my window to make it, like, not see-through."  

The premise is simple. You've got a window that you don't want to people to be able to see into, but you also don't really want to deal with hanging a curtain. But is putting a thin layer of glue on your window really the solution?

TikTok Elmers Glue WindowPhoto credit: TikTok / givinghelly

The great thing about Elmer's glue that will instant transport you back to being a kid in gradeschool, peeling it off of your hands and pretending it's skin, is that it comes off really easily. This makes experimenting with this 'hack' pretty convenient, but also makes cleaning up edges and and the surrounding area a snap. 

Also, she highly suggests using a sponge roller because they're small, but also because they tend to absorb a good amount of the glue. 

TikTok Elmer's Glue Window AppliedPhoto credit: TikTok / givinghelly

If you're game to try it, all you need is some Elmer's glue, a roller, and some patience to add an expensive-looking, frosted finish to your windows. For those worried the Elmer's will melt or degrade, glue used as an adhesive can withstand temperatures of up to 80 degrees, so fingers crossed this is a safe bet. Some TikTokers even chose to add designs to their glued windows. 

It's a cheap, easy hack — but one TikToker had an even better one using a product intended for the purpose, which she claimed was actually cheaper than glue (see below). A hack might actually not be the best choice? Go figure. I will admit that if you’re looking to get creative, elmers glue has its perks. But if you’re looking for a simple, easy, cheap, and professional way to frost windows, this product does it! Follow for home renovation projects and tips! #elmersglue #frostedglass #frostedwindow #windowprivacy #elmersgluewindow #diyhome #diyhouserenovations #houserenovation ♬ original sound - Brooke

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